Story Games has never been, is not currently, and will never be The Forge

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A simple note.

Some of you have been on, or read The Forge.

That's great. This forum isn't that one.

Similarly, a lot of work on The Forge was about creating terms and taxonomies for analyzing roleplaying games.

That's great. This forum doesn't assume you know any of them.

It doesn't matter whether people commonly use a term, or whether you've been using it for years; we're all still grappling with how to talk about these games, and often times, the ideas new people have can be even more interesting than the ones that people who have been steeped in a discourse for a decade.

When reaching for terms, ask yourself:
*Am I making this as accessible as possible?
*Am I willing to make space for different definitions?
*Am I willing to explain these terms to people who ask?
*Are my terms making the conversation easier or harder for new people to follow?

So you should aim to explain yourself, link to explanations, and deal with confusion over terms in the nicest way possible.

I started roleplaying seriously about two and a half years ago. People join the hobby everyday, and those are the people we want to embrace.

So be happy to share old and new ideas with each other.

(thanks to @mcdaldno and others for some ideas)

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