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AP Report on the first QUESTLANDIA session at MAAS (the Mildly Autistic Adventure Society), Las Vegas.
Game date: 7 Aug 2014.


EQNEMMARR is an isolated island culture which is driven by ambitions of progress in technology and science: specifically, the use of machines to provide and distribute the basic needs of life, and to augment their attempts at weather manipulation. The level of technology is steampunky and mechanical. The environment is constantly moist and humid, causing the machinery to require continual attention and repair, but they like it that way.

The Eqnemmarri are amphibious bipeds, descended from froglike ancestors who crawled out of the surrounding waters long ago. There are many subspecies and much physical variety among them, and particular physical traits are taken as auspicious signs of disposition or professional predestination. Many Eqnemmarri possess psychic powers. Different subspecies display different powers, including but not limited to telepathy, telempathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance and astral projection. These powers may be used to control creatures as well, including the giant bees, dragonflies and other flying insects that are commonly used as means of transportation.

The life-sustaining machines of Eqnemmarr are made of metal which is melted and hammered into the required shapes, and they are often augmented or driven by psychic powers. The inspirations for these machines are granted to their religious figures as gifts from the Techno Gods, who are real and can manifest physically when pleased or displeased. The pantheon of the Techno Gods is ruled by Roux the Creator, who oversees the rivalry and obsessions of his three lesser cohorts: Cog (God of Building), Marr (God of Duty) and Eq (God of Weather). Eqnemmarri religious figures take the name of their patron deity as the first part of their own professional name.

The Eqnemmarri have no gender and multiply via parthenogenesis. After reaching the age of maturity, any Eqnemmarri can simply will themselves to produce an egg-sac which is expulsed from the body and left in a warm wet place (such places may be found all over the island, both indoors and outside). The youngsters born from these sacs have no knowledge of their parentage and many of them do not survive, both of which of course are considered normal.

This general philosophy of "breed more than necessary and let the weak die" is a core tenet of Eqnemmarri culture and understanding. They are what most humans would consider "amoral" in that they have no sense of family, love, or compassion. They do, however, have a sense of "progress" and "society" which is driven by enlightened self-interest and a Darwinistic view of nature. While the Eqnemmarri wish to thrive and continue as a species, they see every individual as being totally replaceable. Their births are not worth celebrating, and their deaths are not worth mourning.

Troubles Of The Kingdom:
Wealth = 3, Health = 2, Unrest = 1.

Eqnemmarr is undergoing devastating shortages of vital necessities, and the state is facing a total collapse because the aging and rusted machines are no longer able to support the growing population. Death matches and food riots are growing ever more frequent. Feuding factions and heretic sects are beginning to form, each with their own radical solution to society's problems. Many people are beginning to become ill due to malnutrition and opportunistic diseases. Something must be done.

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    AP Report on the first QUESTLANDIA session at MAAS (the Mildly Autistic Adventure Society), Las Vegas (part 2).
    Game date: 7 Aug 2014.


    ROUX ROUX BMOS (a Holy Person driven by Change & Progress)
    Relationships: Direct superior to Marr-Feh; occasional client of Blibhu.
    High Priest of Roux the Creator. Speaks directly to the diety and receives visions. In charge of overseeing relations between the three lower sects. For a religious figure, Roux Roux is an eccentric daredevil with a personal radical notion: _Birth Control._

    MARR-FEH (a Mentor driven by Honor & Glory)
    Relationships: Direct subordinate to Roux Roux, secret recipient of messages from Braxnem.
    A Teacher of the ways of Marr, god of Ethics - which means Labor and Duty. Trains massive classes of young Eqnemmarri and has a commanding presence, but is secretly subversive and wishes for the cult of the Heart to prevail over the old religion.

    KOG-RAH ROUX (a Holy Person driven by Love)
    Relationships: Familial love for both Braxnem and Blibhu.
    An eccentric pacifist and underground religious figure who bears a message of Love, Compassion and Sharing: this new religion is called the Cult of the Heart. Wishes for the amoral ways of the old theology to fall away and be replaced by kindness.

    BLIBHU (a Messenger driven by Change & Progress)
    Relationships: Spy for Roux Roux, secret apostle of Kog-Rah.
    A professional courier and secret apostle of Kog-Rah Roux who distributes the messages of the Heart Cult throughout the kingdom, sometimes shouting from the rooftops. Wishes to shake things up, and see some genuine change. An acrobatic daredevil; bit of a show-off.

    BRAXNEM MARRHAS (a Messenger driven by Knowledge & Truth)
    Relationships: Desire to convert Marr-Feh, religious curiosity regarding the teachings of Kog-Rah.
    Personal messenger to Kog-Rah Roux, entrusted with delivering packages of "religious heresy" to positively-inclined members of the official state theocracy. Unsure of which religious path to take, but driven to discover the one true way and express it to others.

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    ACT 1:

    BLIBHU THE MESSENGER is on a rooftop, casting dispersion on the failing theology of Marr and preaching love. A crowd gathers. Some few begin shouting in agreement. Several guards spot the heretic and begin climbing the building. Blibhu laughs and bounds away from their reach, tumbling lithely through the air and skipping from rooftop to rooftop. But along the way, a religious symbol - belonging only to apostles of Kog-Rah Roux - falls from Blibhu's pocket and is discovered later by the pursuing guards.

    ROUX ROUX BMOS explains the idea of population control to MARR-FEH, and proposes taking the proposal to the High Council. Marr-Feh is critical of the idea, and begins to sow seeds of doubt in Roux Roux's mind. Unbeknownst to both of them, the messenger BRAXNEM MARRHAS is standing in the adjacent doorway, listening closely to everything they say. Deciding at last to risk it, Roux Roux swallows all doubt, enters the High Chamber and states the proposal; only to be ridiculed and removed from office.

    MARR-FEH receives a new package from the Heart Cult, borne by BRAXNEM MARRHAS. Together they discuss the coming revolution. Braxnem tells Marr-Feh of the messenger in the marketplace this morning, and how the crowd was beginning to grow sympathetic to the message. They decide the time is right, the moment is now. Walking through the now-empty office of the deposed Roux Roux Bmos, Marr-feh takes to the terrace and publicly announces that a new era has begun, and that the old gods have failed us. Suddenly a huge gust of wind and lightning occurs on the balcony: the god Marr is manifesting as a swirling ball of energy. The diety roars HOW DARE YOU CHALLENGE I WHO EMPOWER YOU! and blasts Marr-feh, who falls to the floor. Upon awakening some minutes later, Marr-feh has also been stripped of office, and resigns to be named simply "Feh".

    BRAXNEM MARRHAS and FEH realize they must find Kog-Rah Roux before the kingdom guards do. Mounting their giant dragonflies they embark on a dangerous trip into the slums, where the prophet of the Heart resides among the diseased and the destitute. The kingdom guards are not far behind. The pair quickly locates the hidden compound of Kog-Rah, but not before Braxnem is seized by the crowd of converts and beaten senseless - they have mistaken this courier for the one who brought the kingdom guards upon them.

    KOG-RAH ROUX welcomes the visitors and gives a passionate speech about love, with the moral being that Marr has lost all emotion: there is more to duty than simply raising development quotas. Kog-Rah then invokes both Marr and Roux into in the room. The air is charged with electricity as the two deific entities appear, floating in mid-air. Kog-Rah faces Marr and repeats the message, using psychic power to literally _push_ feelings of love and compassion into the diety's very essence. Feh and Braxnem assist by channeling their powers into Kog-Rah. Marr attacks back with much stronger force but Roux intercedes, granting the energy of Creation to the hapless prophet. When the air clears, Marr has retreated to the Other Realm. The ruler of the gods then names Kog-Rah Roux as the new Avatar of Creation, and proclaims the Age of the Heart.

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    to be continued...
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    Eqnemmarri Characters, drawn by their players:
    Roux Roux Bmos
    Kog-Rah Ruox

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