Please Critique My Game's First-Draft Official Character Sheet (Fear The Living)

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So as most of you probably know, my zombie apocalypse game Fear The Living went live on Kickstarter around a month ago. Today was the very last day of the campaign, and while the campaign was a massive success, Craig Judd (my layout/graphic design/editor guy), Wendy Tiggs (my artist), and I have a lot of work to do in these upcoming months to get the book and PDF ready for prime time. And the first task Shiro and I are tackling is getting a final character sheet put together.

The original placeholder sheet (which inspired the one I'm linking below) was expertly designed, free of charge by RPGnets very own Foxkit (applause), but as I am notoriously persnickety I've demanded that Craig improve that basic framework as much as possible. With that in mind, I'm throwing Fear The Living's
Survivor Sheet to you fine folks for critique and comment.

The more feedback I get on this, the better a reference tool (because that's ultimately what a character sheet is) Craig and I will be able to make. Specifically I'm looking for the following feedback:

Can you get a clear sense of what the game is about based on the layout and style of the sheet?
Is the sheet asthetically pleasing?
For anyone who has experience with Fear The Living (backers, I'm talking to you), does the layout of the sheet call out what's important in the game?
Is anything on the sheet confusing or clunky?
Do you believe there's enough space for each element of a Fear The Living Survivor (4 Talents about a sentence long, 2 MOs about a sentence long, 2-5 Relationships around a sentence long, Gear consisting of a few words of description and a number, and Liabilities likewise, and Supply being measured by a number.)
If you could add anything to the layout of this character sheet, what would you add?
If you could change anything about this character sheet, what would you change?
Any other comments, criticisms, or concerns.

As I've said, the more feedback and constructive criticism I get on this sheet, the better. I am paying someone to it after all, and I'd be a Rank 5 Dumbass if I didn't ensure that I'm getting my money's worth.




  • I like the look overall.

    Not a big deal, but I think "Roughed Up", "Messed Up" and "Maimed" are hard to read sideways. I would shrink the text and orient them horizontally like dividers between the vertical columns of circles.

    Lower section: Rather than just white space, I would add faint baselines to write on inside each subarea (for people who are bad at writing in a straight line).
  • Thank you Asif. I think the consensus thus far has been strongly in favor of reorienting the Wound Track to read horizontally, and either reorienting the Experience track likewise or making it go from bottom to top rather than top to bottom. I'll pass that on to my graphic design guy :)

    I like the idea of baselines for the sub-sections, but I admit that I worry that it will make the sheet feel more crowded. Does anyone else have thoughts on the idea of baselines for the subsections (MOs, Relationships, etc.) or just the idea of baselines on character sheets in general?

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