(Fear The Living) Looking For That Final Push

Hey folks,

My zombie apocalypse rpg Fear The Living is almost funded, just a little bit over $1,000 to go with just 12 days to go. It's gotten a lot of good press here and on RPGnet, and I've been promoting it absolutely everywhere I can: face-to-face, via email and phone, on blogs, on reddit, on twitter @FTL_RPG, on Facebook, etc. That being said, I want to avoid crashing right before the game reaches the finish line. I've come too far, and done too much (playtesting, writing, re-writing, you name it) to fail now.

So I'm throwing myself at the feet of you wonderful men, women, and folks of non-binary gender persuasions for advice on what I might be able to do in order to bridge this $1,000 gap. Your thoughts, criticisms, and comments on the Kickstarter Campaign are welcome, along with any thoughts you might have about the game itself (the Playtest Document and Survivor Sheet are linked in the first update on the KS Page. More than anything though, I'm looking for ideas on what I can do to spread the word just a tiny bit farther than it's already traveled. I've thrown my heart and soul into developing this thing, and I'll be damned if it doesn't shudder into blasphemous life.

If you, or someone you know/love/kinda like/hate but still talk to likes what they see, please consider backing or at least talking to other folks about it who themselves might consider backing. As an amateur game designer with a first-time KS project, it'd mean the world to me.




  • This just got funded yesterday and I urge everyone to check it out in the 60-or-so hours remaining on the kickstarter! It's a great game.
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