The Institute - a living game

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Meet some of the 10,000 San Franciscans who took part in the Jejune Institute, a combination citywide art project and living game, from 2008 to 2011.

You can find "The Institute" under Documentaries on Netflix, and on the film's website:

This is one of the most fascinating game concepts you've ever heard, and it's about to take 90 minutes of your life. You're welcome.


  • The Institute is one of my favorite documentaries! The way they flubbed the ending is a great lesson in game design. A very hard lesson.

  • How did they flub the ending? Was it like most ARGS, that only a small percentage of participants were still left at the end? Or something else?
  • Something else. :-)
  • Yeah. They didn't figure out a way to resolve the artistic anxiety they'd created, and so the ending left (some of? most of?) the players jangled and unresolved.

    The specifics of how they got there and why, what they tried vs what they got, and what the various participants made of it, are all quite cool.

  • No spoilers, please.
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