[Blackfly] A fly-on-the-wall documentary storygame about covert ops.

This is a darkly satirical game about the everyday lives and jobs of those whose work takes them beyond the comfortable boundaries of what is legal, moral and ethical. It is likely to feature scenes of violence & torture and the violation of rights such as freedom of speech and personal liberty. If you feel you will be offended by a game which uses those subjects as the basis of black humour, stop reading now.

In the game, everyone takes on the primary role of an employee or operative within an organisation that usually operates in secrecy, or at the very least they are covert operatives for a public organisation that maintains plausible deniability over their actions.

A session of Blackfly is not just about playing those characters, but also about putting together an episode of a fly-on-the-wall TV documentary about them: that means the episode must be balanced to capture a wide demographic, showcasing as many different aspects of the characters' work and lives as possible.
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