Help me make more free games (I have a Patreon!)

You fine folks of Story Games have really been instrumental in supporting my free game projects over the years, especially with Lady Blackbird.

I've decided to devote a lot more of my time to making free Creative Commons games, and to do that, I'm seeking funding from patrons to help pay the bills. :)

Check out my Patreon page here:

I hope you'll consider becoming a patron. Thanks!


  • Great news, John. I've just supported it. :)
  • k, go make more stuff.
  • Very exciting stuff! I've taken advantage of the Creative Commons licence on Lady Blackbird to create my own game - and had others take advantage of that to translate it into French.

    I was wondering which CC licence you'll be using. I'd strongly recommend one of the free and open licences, like CC Attribution or CC Attribution-ShareAlike, and am very happy to explain why if you're interested.
  • Very glad to see this John. Hope receiving regular money doesn't make you feel too pressured and take the fun out the work for you.

    Not trying to advertise my blog, but I wrote a quick thing letting my readers know about this, and did a short explanation of what Patreon was for those who didn't know. If this would be helpful to anyone for explaining what John is doing, feel free to link to the blog post, or just to copy my explanation wholesale (all of the blog is CC licensed, see the footer).
  • Thanks, Martin!

    Sanglorian, I'll likely use CC BY NC SA. Same as Lady Blackbird.
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    Oh man, very tempted by the $50 pledge. Many a happy hour could be spent coming up with fiendish ways to challenge those beautiful brain cells of yours. :D

    Sadly, I don't think my budget can stretch quite that far. But we'll see what happens. Patreon looks pretty cool. How long have you been using it, John? Would it be too personal to ask what kind of goals you have for funding?

  • I was tempted too, but... I figure you'll get more done on your own than listening to me. I just wish Patreon had the ability to handle one-off commissions!
  • My Patreon page just went live yesterday. I'm brand-new. :)

    My goal is to eventually be able to pay my bills with Patreon so I can devote 100% of my time to making free games. I think it's possible! But, even before that happens, the patron funding will help me spend more time making games than I do now.

    If you can help me out by spreading the word I'd really appreciate it!
  • @John_Harper good to see such an illustrious personage on Patreon. I'm looking to do the same thing myself, i.e. get funds from my writing to finance my RPG design, so I may not be able to support you financially, as a patron, but I'm with you in spirit :)
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    If you can help me out by spreading the word I'd really appreciate it!

  • Thanks, Martin!

    Sanglorian, I'll likely use CC BY NC SA. Same as Lady Blackbird.
    Cool, thanks for letting me know. Have you considered offering CC BY-SA as a stretch goal? "If I make $3000 a game, I'll license it CC BY-SA"?
  • I'm guessing CC stands for Creative Commons, but what is BY NC SA?
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    Thanks, connallmac!

    Sanglorian: Interesting thought! Hopefully I'll hit 3k and I'll have to consider it. :)

    But, as it stands, I'm always willing to discuss special permission or licensing for commercial hacks.

  • If I pledge $100 will you figure out a way to make eclipse phase work in a PbtA game or something similar? I will literally throw money at you for this to happen.
  • I don't even know what PbtA means. :)

    But I'd like to mess around with Eclipse Phase, yeah.
  • I don't even know what PbtA means. :)
    Powered by the Apocalypse, i.e. using the Apocalypse World engine.

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    Ha! Of course. D'oh.

    For what it's worth, I do have a Cyberpunk game in my pipeline for Patreon. :)
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    I do have a Cyberpunk game in my pipeline for Patreon. :)
    Sounds good- I'll keep an eye open for it. Might at some point apply the other eye to the task also ;)

    EDIT: Ah, ok, Star Force, right? Hm.. looks intriguing. Right, both eyes on the job now :)
  • Not Star Force. That's a kind of Green Lantern thing.

    The cyberpunk game is something else.
  • This is the first time I've backed someone on Patreon... is there some kinda blog function we should watch for updates, or do we just stalk you on the twitters?
  • You'll get emails whenever there's an update or a creation posted.
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