[Watch the World Die -- 700 Horsepower Edition] Post-Apocalyptic GM-less Game of Narrative Discovery

I know there’s been more than a little interest in Watch the World Die in various parts of the net, primarily Story Games-focused, so I thought it would be a great time to remind folks that my post-apocalyptic multi-system gaming project, 700 Horsepower will be doing a live-streaming session Saturday night at 9pm Eastern, and we still have several slots open in the Google Hangout Event!

  • If you’re interested in joining us for a couple of sessions of Watch the World Die (since I figure we may get through a couple of apocalypsi in the couple of hours I have put aside), jump in and confirm your attendance on the Event, then leave a comment on the Event itself saying you’re joining us. We’ll be streaming it live and then posting a slightly cleaned up, edited version afterwards for the world to enjoy.

  • If you’re intrigued by the whole 700 Horsepower concept, even better! Catch us this Saturday for Watch the World Die, help us find out why the world went down the toilet, then head back in for future sessions where we build After the Horsemen / Machinas for the following weekend, where we’ll be driving like dust devils through the Vegas desert!

If you know someone that might be interested in a post-apocalyptic wonderland inspired by Mad Max, Six-String Samurai, and The Road, with hints of even stranger things further out, let them know! Even if they can’t make it to Watching the World Die, we’d love to have their interest and possible involvement in future games.


  • I am so there. Looking forward to what you crazy cats come up with!
  • I am so there. Looking forward to what you crazy cats come up with!
    I suspect the results will be mind-damagingly insane, but that's one of our positive natures. :)
  • Nicely done, and fun to watch. Thanks for the public playtest!
    If you have any questions, suggestions or devastating critiques, you know where to find me!
  • I can honestly say its one of the most fun games we've pursued in a first session. The lot of folks appreciated it. :)
  • Thanks to you and all the other playtesters both here and elsewhere, WTWD has now officially reached Version 1.0 status. The only significant change in this version is a small edit to clarify the "may/might" confusion I noticed in the chaining events rule. Hopefully the new version makes more sense the first time someone reads it. Hit us back with a link when you get the YouTube up.
  • We all wondered how the world ended. Was it with a bang or a whimper? Saturday night, we all found out.

    It ended with a "What?"

    When we got together to play *Watch the World Die* (http://asifproductions.com/watch-the-world-die) to do exactly that.

    Players in this game:

    - Alex Wlliiams
    - Spencer Powell
    - Eric Thompson
    - David Thompson
    - Scott Salsman
    - Terry Willitts

    The pretty, colourful, you-can-tell-who-made-each-addition version of the event log on *Google Docs* ( https://docs.google.com/document/d/1e3tjTc4w9ogexu8hy_DizBSA4CJiM6C5pktFjesoYGo/edit?usp=sharing) is wonderful, but if you just want the raw structure of things:

    ###2015 (Pressure 0) (Response 0) (Events 6)

    - Event (2): The Wasatch fault running through central Utah goes off, causing damage to SLC and Yellowstone.
    - Event (2): BEEEEES start swarming into urban centers around North America.
    - Event (1): A meteor smashes into Mount Rushmore, leaving nothing but Lincoln's chin
    - Event (3): The meteor damages the North Dakota oil shell, causing shortages.
    - Event (1): A meteor smashes into Washington Monument
    - Event (5): Natural gas industry is nationalized.
    - Response (4): The natural gas is rationed.
    - Response (8): The people start rioting.
    - Response (2): State Militia forces work to subdue the rioters.
    - Response (17): Vast caravans of civilians are forced out of the Western states.

    ###2016 (Pressure 0) (Response 0) (Events 5)

    - Event (6): Yellowstone is erupting. The entire West of the United States and Canada are covered in ash.
    - Event (6): The BEEEES form enormous hives in the abandoned buildings in the west, exterminating a good chunk of everyone left on the West coast.
    - Response (13): Weird mutant honeycombs become a currency out west. The Bee Keepers become a much more important group of people.
    - Event (3): Water supply dwindles due to ash-poisoned waters.
    - Event (5): The whole Rocky's region is placed under Martial Law.
    - Event (3): The poisoned waters destroy crops, leading to famine.
    - Response (21): The affected area's in the West -- everything beyond the - Rockies -- succeed (read: are forcibly removed) from the Union.

    ###2017 (Pressure 0) (Response 0) (Events 6)

    - Event (1): Smog in China get's so bad that people start dying. It's Devastating.
    - Event (2): More crop failure, throughout North America because the BEEEES are no longer pollinating the plants.
    - Event (5): The EU is destabilized because of food transportation issues.
    - Event (4): Food distribution in the EU breaks. Food become scarce.
    - Event (4): EU's water treatment breaks as well.
    - Event (3): Africa starts sending food to the EU, causing food shortages there.
    - Response (19): The aggressive Balkanization of the Western States, into smaller Fiefdoms.
    - Response (9): South America, which has been relatively untouched, becomes hyper-defensive. North Americans aren't going to invade.

    ###2018 (Pressure 0) (Response 0) (Events 6)

    - Event (6): Yellowstone set off the Pacific Rim. Tokyo is crumbling.
    - Event (5): Russia's economy completely collapses, because they have no mutant honey. (BEEEEES can't survive in that cold.)
    - Response (8): Mass looting in the EU.
    - Response (5): The Bee Keepers get some of that Old Time Religion. The Beeble
    - Response (2): SA sends peacekeeping forces to NA.
    - Response (1): There is food and water sent from SA to the EU.
    - Event (4): Afr. govs start falling apart, no more electricity or water.
    - Event (4): The EU power grid goes down.
    - Event (1): The EU gets pounded by meteors. Eiffel Tower.
    - Event (4): The Chinese launch a cyber attack on NA and SA internet backbone. Breaks both.
    - Response (19): Russia devolves into Balkanization. Bombs. Bombs everywhere.

    This coming Saturday should be a little _less_ intense as we literally have a building night, creating characters for *After the Horsemen* (http://www.twohourwargames.com/afterhorsemen.html) and *Machinas* (http://www.twohourwargames.com/maderainwa.html) to prepare for the dark future in which there are only BEEEEEZ.

    If you'd like to join us and game with us in this journey into the post-apocalypse, across multiple systems and all player-created, join us in the *700 Horsepower* Google+ Community:

  • Since 700 Horsepower on Saturday night with Watch the World Die turned out so well, and the video of the event was equally as good, I’m really pleased to announce that I’ve finally converted the timeline for the Apocalypse that came out of it all from a point-by-point list into a more flowing narrative.


    It’s a lot more depressing that way, somehow. Seriously, that is some deeply dark stuff in there.

    That said, it’s awesomely dark stuff, and I’m pleased that I could be part of it.

    This coming Saturday, we’re going to do character generation for a hybrid of After the Horsemen and Machinas, and you’re all invited to come. No, seriously, we’ll be livestreaming the event both via Google Hangouts and right on YouTube for anyone that wants to check it out.

    This kind of project just doesn’t see any traction unless more people get interested, but I’m not trying to sell you on a Kickstarter or an Indiegogo. I don’t want you to buy my new system, setting, or world. I’m not looking for donations (though I’m not going to stop you). What I want is for you to be entertained and involved along with us in crafting this crazy apocalypse and exploring it across multiple systems, players, and shared experiences.

    Down the road, we’ll be driving really fast and turning left a lot the following weekend as we play Machinas, followed by a session of Microscope to fill in some of the outstanding questions between the time of the Russian nuclear paroxism and the point at which Our Intrepid Her–er–Protagonists pick up some of the pieces … and maybe even what kind of things lie in their dark future.

    Pop in Saturday night, leave us some comments, or just silently lurk in the Community. Whatever way you want to ride out the Apocalypse, we’re with you.

  • I might as well update this with the most recent session, where we created characters for both After the Horsemen and Machinas together in under 2 hours.

    The apocalypse keeps rolling on.

    This coming Saturday, it's all about driving fast, turning left, and shooting dudes.
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