System Blending and Probability Mapping

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Inspired by @Paul_T's confluence of *W stats with D&D Stats, I devised a conversion table for mapping *W stats to 1d100 (for systems that use percentile skill scores, etc). That post is below. But rather than focus on this one particular mapping, I have decided to open up a conversation on ALL sorts of probability maps or stat conversions that can be used to hybridize two game systems.

Are you a mechanics packrat who loves using tables and charts from one system while running another? Show us some of your mojo!


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    Here is my 1d100 to AW Stats conversion table...
    1d100		AW10		 AW7
    01-03 = -2 = -5
    04-09 = -1 = -4
    10-17 = +0 = -3
    18-28 = +1 = -2
    29-42 = +2 = -1
    43-59 = +3 = +0
    60-73 = +4 = +1
    74-84 = +5 = +2
    85-92 = +6 = +3
    93-98 = +7 = +4
    99-00 = +8 = +5
    · If you have a % skill score between 29 and 42 (inclusive), that translates to a +2 on 2d6 where 10 = success.
    · +4 is the highest (and -2 the lowest) you typically see in AW, but I included higher and lower mods just because.
    · If you have a +2 in AW terms, this is the same as saying "roll 42 or lower on 1d100" (for a Full Success).
    · Note that the row for partial success (AW7) is always 3 rows down from full success (AW10).
    · The numbers are very close to accurate; the margin of error in this 3-row-jump is only +/- 1% in the worst cases.

    How to use this:

    To import a 1d100 skill/stat into an AW game:
    · Consult the row for your 1d100 %score and look under the AW10 column. This is your AW mod for that roll.
    Example: A PC with a %score of 42 would have a +2 mod for that skill/stat in an AW game.

    To import a 1d100 action resolution roll into an AW game:
    · Consult the rows for your AW Stat under the AW10 column (Full Success) and the AW7 column (Partial). The high-end of the range shown is the number you must roll lower than.
    Example: A PC with a +2 needs to roll below 42 for Full Success, and anything from there to 84 is a Partial Success.

    To import an AW move into a 1d100 game:
    · Hitting your %score or lower is a Full Success (10+); hitting within 3 rows down from there is a Partial Success (7-9).
    Example: A PC with a %score of 42 needs to roll below 42 (ie hit on their score) for Full Success (10+ result), and anything from there to 84 (3 rows down) is a Partial Success (7-9 result).
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