[DayTrippers] - Playtest #1 Logistics & Characters

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This is the thread for the first playtest of DayTrippers. I will be running an adventure for five players including @potemkin (leaving four slots open). The game is intended to run somewhere around May 3rd (TBD). Maybe on a forum, maybe in IRC, I dunno. We can talk about the exact scheduling in whispers.

First come with a posted PC, first served. If you wish to be in the playtest, here's what to do:

1. Use the latest rules [PDF] to create a 100-point PC. Latest version as of this writing is 0.0.8. Do not create a ship. I will assume that you are first-time DayTrippers and this trip is being underwritten by The Ziggurat.

2. Post your character here. You may also post any questions, or PM me. If you have editorial or mechanical suggestions, please post them in the development thread.

3. I may tell you that your character knows something, or ask you to change something.

If you want to print out a character sheet, we got em.


  • I've been following the development of this, and though I haven't had much to say, this interests me. However, I've never roleplayed online before and, worse, I'm in an Australian time zone. Would any of that be a problem?
  • Although I'm in the Pacific Time Zone, I've spent many of my online hours chatting with ozzies, because I work nights. I don't consider that a problem personally. As you get more people involved of course the scheduling issue becomes more complex, but we can handle that in whispers or PMs. And if the date doesn't work, we can choose a better one.

    I feel DayTrippers should move pretty quickly, and I suspect the pace will be a little hampered by online presentation, beyond my control. So I would really like to schedule a block of consecutive time - say four hours - and have all players on at once. In other words, treat it as a physical game as far as scheduling goes. Not sure if that will end up being possible, but my fingers are crossed.
  • Well, I have written a SAMPLE ADVENTURE. It's GM-full, with evul sekretz and everything. And now I don't know whether I should use that for our online playtest, or to use the collaborative mission generation rules. Any preferences?
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