Legacies (Lady Blackbird Superheroes Hack) - Playtesters Sought

Hey there! Sara Williamson and I have been working on a game.
It's pretty cool growing up when your parents are The Legion of Valor, the best superhero team in the world, the defenders of Beacon City.

That was five years ago. In one horrible day called "The Fracture", the team and all the work they had done were destroyed.

Five years later, Beacon City is still struggling to rebuild, and all of you are still struggling to find your place.

Using the Lady Blackbird system, a game of saving the world while you find your place in it, teenage angst, tangled romances, with extra helpings of time-travel and evil clones.
It's 3-6 people total, it can be played GMless or with a GM. It's meant for either one-shots or small campaign (2-3 sessions) play. We've been playtesting it for a while, but would love some blind playtests to help out before the Kickstarter. So if a group or two would be interested in giving in a shot, we'd love to hear your feedback.


  • I'm a huge fan of Lady Blackbird and also a fan of supers. In fact, I'm going through a re-watch of Young Justice on Netflix right now. I wanted to play in this at Camp Nerdly last year, but it didn't work out. I would happily find a group to playtest this.
  • I'd be interested in giving this a look and I have a group that might be interested in playing it.
  • Thanks, you folks are great!

    We will be sending out playtest copies this weekend. @NickWedig, let me know when you figure out whether your group is interested?
  • This sounds interesting, James. Can you tell us a bit about the mechanical function of the game - is it unmodified Lady Blackbird rules, or is there anything different/new?

    I may be able to playtest this within the next week if it can work with GM + 2 players.
  • This sounds AMAZING!!
  • I'd love to give this a whirl! It would likely be a couple of weeks before I could get it to the table, but I suspect it would find a lot of enthusiastic takers at London Indiemeet in May.
  • I'd love to give this a try also. My first thought with most systems is "can I run superheroes" with it, so thanks for doing that part up front.
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    I think we're going to limit the number of playtests at 4 (our own group, one outside group, and two from here) for the moment. We'll want the time to process and iterate on that. I'll let people know as soon as we can handle more.

    But, answering the question: it's moderately mechanically different. There are a bunch of small tweaks, but the major mechanical differences are:

    1) Totally different refresh system, emphasizing on sort of filling in the gaps in history from five years ago to now.
    2) A bunch of tweaks to advancement
    3) GMless play (with a hopefully neat trick for determining difficulty)
    4) A set of non-required but helpful Villain, Ally, Twist cards to sort of provide inspiration and give some questions to springboard off of.

    So not too different.
  • That sounds very cool, actually. It's piqued my interest more than a generic "superhero" pitch!
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