[Posthuman Pathways] Now Kickstarting a transhumanist story game!

Hey folks,

I thought people might want to know about my new little project that I'm kickstarting. It's a diceless, gm-less and no-prep RPG for exactly three participants. This game has three rotating roles; one for the person establishing the scenes, one for the person playing the antagonist and the other as the protagonist. Each player gets a chance to play each role thrice. Each protagonist has four drives that motivate them, and one must be sacrificed each scene. As a result of these series of hard choices, you will be left with the single drive that matters most to your character.

Many other games have contributed to this design. Fiasco contributed to the length of each scene and the general flow of play. Microscope inspired the timeline and how history builds upon itself. Shock: Social Science Fiction helped me focus on how technological changes lead to societal transformation. Durance inspired the hard choices, where you force the voyager to make a difficult sacrifice.

If you are curious, I would love your thoughts. The full game is available for free download if you pledge a dollar.

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