What's the best way to share my writing?

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So, I'm picking up steam on the ole Writin' and Makin' aspect of this community, and I'm having a total blast. I'd just like to ask quickly what the best way of sharing a design-blog would be and if there's any general wisdom on how to attract interesting opinions?

I guess, content wise, I really want to share my thoughts on art, aesthetics and anthropology in gaming and at the table. Use my degree a bit, yo.

Is there some kind of master directory going on? Feels like everyone here's got a little blog squirreled away somewhere.


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    Hi Mike.

    Good to have you here! You're right, most game designers have a blog and/or a G+ page/community. They often also have publicly accessible files on their games-in-progress on either Dropbox or Google Drive. I'd recommend in addition talking about your ideas, even if its just a mechanic for healing, or a rule about turn order or whatever, on the G+ ReForged community.

    There's a forum here called Play Advice; if folks are particularly interested in that sort of thing they'll check in there from time to time- there may even be a way of receiving alerts when people post in it- @James_Stuart? Alternatively yu could do what Asif is doing here.

    Look forward to hearing your cool game ideas dude :).
  • Well, I guess I am doing what Asif is doing there, but it seems a little obtrusive if you had, say, more than one subject.

    Keeping a play advice "Potemkin" topic I can update and edit would probably work - link to drive files/blog-posts for the interested. No experience with G+, how is it?

    My game ideas are sweet. Damn skippy!
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