[OSR Actual Play] Greysands Campaign - call for IRC players



  • If you're one of us (or want to be!), feel free to acquire a column under each day of the week, toss in your name and indicate your availability with colored cells on the schedule. Also feel free to add a column for your timezone if that'll help you.
    I added my schedule: 18-22 GMT any day, except every other Thursday which is Whitehack night. Of course I have other activities some evenings, but they are randomly distributed.
  • We're noodling around in Newton right now!
  • Oh, cool! I've been away from this for a while just due to being too busy (and also assuming that people aren't free on weekdays), but I'd love to get back to it, either as a GM or as a player.
  • I haven't been commenting for a while, but I'm still available on weekends for play. My sleep schedule is somewhat chaotic, so it would be good to know a date a day in advance, but otherwise I can pretty much make any time.
  • I'd like to get back to Newton, but this weekend is a three-day holiday here and I really can't predict when I might be available. If someone else wants to schedule something, I'll keep it in mind when arranging things and maybe hit it.
  • I'm available very similarly to Daumantas: most days and times of day work for me, but if you want to ensure that I'm awake and uncommitted to something else, it helps to know about the session a few days in advance. GMT 15-22 is the overall likeliest time-frame for me to be available, excepting the occasional nights I'm out doing something else.
  • I'm in the same boat - erratic schedule, but can play with forward notice. I'll try to see if I can put together a session for next weekend, perhaps. It's a busy time of year for me!
  • I'll travel a lot for the next six weeks, and won't have reliable internet access. Please play without me, and I'll jump back in after the summer.
  • Paul, how's this weekend?
  • edited July 2014
    It's bit rough at the moment! But not impossible. Anyone available to play a bit tomorrow (Sunday)? I could play for a few hours, so long as it's after 1830 GMT.
  • I should be around at 1830-1900 GMT and beyond.
  • Hello, friends!

    I've been trying to log on to habavaara for the last hour or hour and a half, and for some reason it's not working (connection times out). Another time, I guess!

    If you know what's up, let us know.
  • Oh no! It's been up all day for us.
  • Hello, friends. I'm actually around this weekend, for once. Is anyone interested in resuming the delve?

    The party is locked in a room filling with smoke, and monsters/enemies outside. It will be an action-filled one, almost certainly.
  • Hmmm... My weekend is a little weird with multiple get-togethers. I might be free for part of Saturday though. When were you thinking?
  • Late afternoon would be best for me on Saturday, which is starting about 1830GMT and onwards.
  • I'll quite likely be online, but I'm sitting this particular adventure out, as we remember. We could play something else if a sufficient quorum can't be reached for Paul's dungeon.
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