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I'm super excited that w00hoo has started a short campaign of Blood & Water with his home group, which has given me the kick to get the book finished and published, so to whet your appetites, here's an AP report he made about a convention session that took place at Furnace in 2013:

"I've got in to the habit of running a slot 0 game at Furnace, because talking out of character is for the weak and I don't play Netrunner. The last couple of years it's been Fiasco, and while I had that amongst the gold in my bag I fancied something different. I've played a few games of Blood & Water, James' 'Being Human' homage and really enjoyed it, to the point of even making a character sheet blank for it after the last game. This was handy as having decided I'd try running it I found I couldn't find it anywhere. Still, the rules are minimal and I'd put them down the side of the sheet so I figured I'd wing it from there.

Being Human is a TV show where three outcast supernatural monsters share a house (a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf) the game keeps the premise - supernatural outcasts share a house, but allows you to create whatever monsters you fancy. It runs well with 3 and up although I'd probably worry about trying it with many more than 5. I grabbed my minimum three players to be quorate - Nick, Jules and QoT and we went up in to the dark (I presume there are light switches for upstairs at The Garrison _somewhere_ ) and got going.

The game needs character gen at the table and does this from a blank sheet, it's always felt quite quick as a Player, but seemed to drag a little as a GM, I'm guessing this is a mix of perception and my lack of time with the game. The rules (I'd finally found them 5 minutes before game start) suggest deciding the house first, but we all looked at each other and decided we'd never done it like that (as I type this I'm now not so sure of that...) so instead we started by deciding the basics of the three monsters, figuring this would allow us to identify the house 'owner' and from there we could sort out the house. (I'm now positive we haven't done it like that because it did give the house 'owner' a lot more control over what was there than I remember before.)

Nick refused to play a Troll (even an internet one) no matter how much we insisted and ended up with a Bass Player in a Metal Band who'd been turned in to a demon when a fake spell their manager had tricked them in to casting during a show turned out to be a real summoning.

Jules went for a catholic priest who'd gone to Lourdes to be cured of (what turned out through play) to probably be cancer but instead had become a zombie, he was linked in to the other characters by having been the local priest and ministered to the Bass player when they were both human.

QoT had a supermodel who had never swum before attending a swim suit shoot and when immersed in natural water had apparently drowned but actually turned in to a water nymph. She was the nominal owner of the house (a big place in an Alderley Edge equivalent) although it was in her sisters name, the sister had been the girlfriend of the Bass player and the nominated sacrifice of the manager thereby linking everyone together.

The Demon, Giles, could do stuff with hell fire but looked quite demonic (big hooves, little horns) he was strong, but couldn't enter holy ground and generally had problems with religious symbols. The Zombie, Bobby, was strong and hard to hurt but needed to be within half a mile or so of religious places to have any powers and smelt somewhat. The Nymph, Sylph, could create water bursts to attack things and do some other water stuff but was constantly dogged by newts and frogs turning up around the place. As you can probably guess I can't remember all the strengths and weaknesses they chose (these define the mythology around the monster that has been chosen, there's no limit but the sides have to balance, same number of weaknesses as strengths. They don't have to compliment each other though) I don't think we had much use of them outside of colour which is partly why I can't remember them.

Each outcast has a reason they can't be around humans and one for why they don't just live with their own kind.

Giles had his demonic looks keeping him away from humanity and couldn't live with demons because demons are evil. Bobby was dead and buried as far as his congregation was concerned, plus looked somewhat decayed, and there was the smell, he couldn't be with his own kind because he'd never found anyone else who had risen from the dead. Sylph was dodging the tax man as she was legally dead, and, the good old, everyone thinks I'm dead reason. She couldn't be with water nymphs because they all smelt of fish and used seaweed as clothing which was just icky.

Rounding the characters out they also have a thing they want but can't have and a thing they have but don't want. The suggestion is that one of those is a very human centric thing and the other more supernatural.

Giles wanted to be in a metal group again, but had the whole being a demon issue. He'd also ended up with the Keys to Hell (in an amazing GM gift which is a common and very appreciated part of Nick's general play) which he had to hold on to because you can't just leave the Keys to Hell lying around, a kid might pick them up or something. Bobby had his old vestments which he couldn't dispose of because of the guilt, he had lost his Faith and couldn't believe while he was still undead. Sylph wanted to be adored and famous again, but was dead and in debt. She kept being visited by water nymphs who it seemed could spring out of any person sized pool of water.

Finally (I mentioned there was a bit of creating to do didn't I?) the new bit to me. Each house mate has a to do list, a couple of things that they'd want or need to deal with in the near future.

Giles wanted to audition for a band and something I've forgotten. Bobby needed to attend his mentors funeral and had to deal with bumping in to his old 'housekeeper' who might have recognised him. Sylph had been asked to swim with the cheif Nymph and had to deal with a letter that had arrived addressed to her sister.

We were good to go."


  • A continuation of w00hoo's AP report:

    "As mentioned the house was a big mansion affair in Millionaires Row so walls, gate with security measures, etc. QoT did most of the drawing with the other two each having 'guest rooms' to describe. I decided to treat the 'to do' lists a bit like 'what's just happened' markers in Don't Rest Your Head, so brought some of them in to play rather than starting established.

    The play went something like this -

    The bell rang to show that there was mail in the post box by the gate, Giles went down to get it. It was a cold and rainy Autumnal morning. The mail was a letter for Sylph and the parish magazine. As he came back up a nymph had appeared out of a puddle that was forming near the steps and asked to talk to Sylph, Giles passed it the letter and told him she was in her suite. The nymph travelled through the water in the puddle to the water in Sylph's toilet and went to talk to her. The letter, when delivered, was somewhat damp.

    Bobby got up, tramped downstairs in his dressing gown and joined Giles in the pristine living room where he sat on the sofa eating cold left over curry. He got extra for Giles when asked and added a can of Red Stripe each from his seemingly endless supply in the gowns capacious pockets. The parish newsletter informed Giles of a band audition in the village hall (singer & drummer seek bass player & guitarist, influences ) and Bobby of the funeral of his mentor at the local church. Giles agrees to give Bobby a lift as the times work well. Sylph appears having knocked the nymph upstairs unconcious and flushed it back down the toilet, ignoring the letter because she was so angry about the King of the Water Nymphs demanding her presence. She was almost out of champers so asked the others to collect some while they were out.

    The audition went badly when it turned out that the spotty teenagers could out geek Giles on Metal facts (Nick rolled every dice on the table and failed them all) ending with him 'demoning out' and scaring the crap out of them all before everyone did a runner, Bobby swiping instruments as 'loot for cash' as they left.

    Another nymph turned up and Sylph read the letter, finding out that the electricty company were going to cut the house off for non-payment. She also agreed to a meeting with the King in principle. She tried the electric first who told her as her sister was listed as missing the bank had frozen her accounts and the house was drawing an unexpected amount of electricity. She phoned the bank who were very apologetic and agreed to unfreeze the accounts as she obviously wasn't missing (Sylph pretended to be her sister Dawn) all she needed to do was go along to the local branch with a couple of forms of ID. Naturally Sylph and Dawn don't look anything alike.

    Thanks to various rolls with consequences by the time Giles' beat up van got to the church it had a puncture and was stuck in the parking space reserved for the funeral vehicles. Bobby left Giles to deal with it while he snuck in to the church. He learnt about the fact that the church might close without a priest to preside over it and had a heartfelt conversation with his 'housekeeper' while managing to keep his identity secret. This was helped by the fact that he had had to borrow clothes from Giles as his only choices were his vestments (which he was too guilty to get rid of) and the dressing gown. So he was in a Satanic T shirt, skinny jeans and rock boots. She gave him a jumper from the jumble to put over it for while he was in the congregation, as he put it on he saw it was one of his old ones. It was baggy on him.

    Sylph contacted a lookalike agency and booked a Sarah Milligan look alike (it was decided that her sister looked like SM and a bit like Bobby's housekeeper) to come to the house to do 'a job' she also had a meeting with the King of the Sylphs where he naturally announced she would become his bride. She kind of didn't say 'no' and he left two overly large newts (as in 7-8" high) to hang around with her until she'd changed her mind. Avoiding newts was done a lot, as was working out what wardrobe she had that said 'queen of an underwater kingdom'.

    Giles was crowded around by people trying to make him move his van and getting more and more flustered, then the church wardens crucifix brushed against him and he did a runner leaving the van up on the jack missing a wheel. While running he heard on coming motorbikes and was accosted by three bikers of a Hells Angel's chapter who knew he had the Keys to Hell and wanted him to hand them over. He melted one of their bikes to a pulp, and generally dealt out harm, before making an escape back to the manor where he told Sylph they had to hide, and call the police or something. She activated 'shut down' on the house and suggested the panic room.

    Bobby came out to find the van being towed away and no Giles so walked back to the manor where a woman who looked a bit like his housekeeper was trying to work out how to get in as she had an appointment. He got them through the gates and in to the house as the biker gang and the police arrived pretty much simultaneously. In the panic room there was an unexpected big iron bound oak door. Sylph was positive it hadn't been there before. Giles found his keys fit the lock perfectly and opened it. Naturally, Hell.

    Sylph saw an opportunity and using the emergency water to make a puddle on the floor she summoned the King of the Nymphs saying she'd agree to his proposal. As he arrived to whisk her away she kicked him through the ever increasing portal to hell, and used the water gateway to return to become Queen. There were going to be some dress code changes in Water Nymph World. Giles had already stepped in to Hell, where he'd been handed a flaming Bass guitar and told they'd been waiting for him. Upstairs Bobby changed in to his old vestments and called on the power of the Lord, his faith restored, to close the gateway. Which happened, so that was nice. I think he ended up shacking up with the lookalike.

    We called credits."
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