Looking for feedback on the current iteration of Fear The Living

edited January 2014 in Story Games
Hey guys, gals, and folks who don't identify with binary genders I'm back after a long hiatus of re-reading, play testing, editing, and compulsively worrying about the quality of my zombie apocalypse role playing game Fear the Living.

It's gone through 3 different from-the-ground-up revisions, along with numerous smaller iterations and edits to smooth out the rough edges in the rules and ensure that it delivers on it's promised play experience: gripping, gritty, emotionally compelling Walking-Dead style stories about capable and passionate individuals caught in the wake of a zombie apocalypse designed by the players and the GM cooperatively.

It's been a real labor of love for me, and a long time coming in other words. Now I want to unleash it on the masses of RPG net to get your unbridled criticism, feedback, and opinions of this rules text. Mainly what I'm looking for here is:

Are the rules easy to understand?
Do the rules seem simple to implement from both the player and the GM's side?
Do the rules reinforce the themes of zombie fiction (the fear of betrayal, the importance of interpersonal relationships, the ebb-and-flow of escalting conflict, etc?
Can you see yourself being interested in playing (or perhaps eventually purchasing) this game?
What changes do you think the rules, or the text might need in order to better accomplish the above goals?

I'd really appreciate your feedback, and would be more than happy to provide my own to any of your own work in exchange. The link to the Google Drive account that I'm hosting the text at is listed below. If you'd prefer not to mess around with google, I'd also be perfectly fine with emailing you a PDF of the text.


Looking forward to hearing from you all,


P.S. I want to take a moment or two to thank all of you folks at Story Games for your feedback, for your criticism, and in the case of Manu Saxena "Red", Danelle Laney "I always end up covered in someone else's blood Arjana Smith", Aaron Field "I'm infected but don't worry I'm taking care of it Norbert", and Michael Stuewe "Appears out of nowhere to shoot people in the face Sgt. Henry" (who isn't a part of story games but is my best friend so there) for their participation in a lovely play test session that culminated in them demolishing the social order of a small town of survivors. I couldn't have done this without you.
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