Upcoming Technical Shenanigans (SITE UNAVAILABLE THIS WEEKEND)

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Hey all!

We're going to be transferring servers soon. I'm pretty confident that we've got the process down, and so it should be relatively seamless. There will probably be anywhere from a few hours (best case) to up to a day of downtime as domains transfer and data is imported/exported.

In addition, we're going to be upgrading to Vanilla 2. We've been on a forked, dead-end branch of Vanilla for a while, and it's going to be easier to maintain if we're up with the latest fixes and plugins, as well as handle some long-running problems with spammers.

This will mean some small changes here and there, and one major change: inline whispers, the main reason we forked, will disappear. You can still of course, private message people to your heart's content, but they won't be displayed in the context of a given thread. All existing whispers will be preserved as private messages.

There is a plugin in the upcoming beta which will re-enable whispers: so as soon as that comes out, we'll play around with it and hopefully put it back into the featureset.

As far as capacity goes, I've done some light-weight load testing, and I think we're in good shape, but we have the room to expand, and will expand as necessary to make the site run smooth.

When is this going to happen? Soon. As early as this weekend, but probably early next week. I'll give some notice when we expect the process to start.

We appreciate your patience, and when we come back up, letting me know about any weirdness/things which are missing would be appreciated.


  • thanks, Obama
  • This Saturday or Sunday is when the transition will happen.
  • Any chance the new Vanilla 2 will allow us to go back to 'proper' user names, without underscores (i.e., will quoting someone with a space in his or her name work again)?

    If so, I guess you'll have to manually change user IDs for those of us who want to go back to our "real" IDs?

  • The forum's software is nice (especially when combined with Firefox's Black Your Monitor at night) except for one minor quibble -- I must go to the bottom of a screen to see what page in the discussion I am looking at. Is there any easy way to make a second copy of the "page number" feature at the top of the page? Apologies if this was already discussed and the display is the way it was for a reason.
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    That would be cool. +1
    I'm putting this here b/c it seems the best place for people to notice it.


    Change these passwords now (they were patched)

    Google, YouTube and Gmail
    Yahoo, Yahoo Mail, Tumblr, Flickr

    Don't worry about these (they don't use the affected software, or ran a different version)

    AOL and Mapquest
    Bank of America
    Capital One bank
    Charles Schwab
    Chase bank
    HSBC bank
    Microsoft, Hotmail and Outlook
    PNC bank
    TD Ameritrade
    U.S. Bank
    Wells Fargo

    Don't change these passwords yet (still unclear, no response)

    American Express
    Apple, iCloud and iTunes
  • Right now the site is using HTTPS but is using a security certificate for a different site, which (justifiably) freaks out the browser. Is there any way/plan to fix that? It makes giving people links to read good discussions here not work very well.

    Unrelated to that, the robots.txt is set so that the site as a whole is uncrawlable, so it's externally unsearchable and not archived by the Wayback Machine. Is that intentional?
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    It's externally unsearchable to all but Google. It was definitely intentional: I was getting hit with outrageous access/hit fees by my provider. Turns out that it was Microsoft's fucking BING service that had a pool of about 20 servers accessing my site literally every second. BING is a fucked up piece of shit; even after I excluded them ala robots, it took like 2 months for MS to respect it (and I still, two years later, see some random servers from BING accessing every once in a while). If you are reading this and you work on the BING search engine, you are an asshole that needs to be punched in the junk. Or maybe you're not an asshole, but you've created one of the most asshole tools on the internet, so fucking fix it.

    Yahoo's search engine wasn't much better, it was accessing the same stuff over and over again every minute. Google was the only one searching/accessing with any sense, so I let it live.
  • Wow, that is highly unprofessional of them. Pissing off website owners just to get a few more crawls seems to be a dumb strategy for MS to adopt in the search wars, considering how much of Google's position is maintained by courting developers...

    The mismatched SSL certificate is more concerning though, since it stops non-tech-savvy people from reading anything when I give them links. I've heard that getting a cert is an expensive PITA so I can understand why you'd avoid it, and having HTTPS is nice because login passwords... Any chance of configuring things so that no-account readers get served via HTTP, maybe? Or letting archive.org robots through the wall so there are good offsite caches that can be used as references?

    For a use-case that motivates all this prodding: I referenced the excellent discussion thread on using giant, detailed settings in part of an answer on RPG.SE, offering it as a reference to a method for breaking down GM analysis paralysis with complex settings. Outgoing links from from that post hit a browser-generated "Insecure Site" wall that requires some technical knowledge (and trust!) to get beyond. My first attempt to route around the damage was to try the Wayback Machine (obviously ineffective). My second attempt to route around the damage was to ask here if there is any way to reconfigure so that the site is again accessible to casual readers. :)
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    Reddit users are claiming that several Pastebin files containing hundreds of Dropbox users' usernames and passwords have been leaked.

    "While Dropbox may not have been targeted directly, this (potentially) huge cache of login info may indeed have come from any of the hundreds of third-party apps that login to Dropbox on your behalf on a daily basis. In other words—for god's sake, change your password."

  • Upgrades, this weekend! Story games may be unavailable for some or all of that time!
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    @James_Stuart can we get the vanilla dice roller installed? Pretty please? Beautiful please?

  • And we're back! Let me know if you run into any problems.
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