Story Games Weekly: Broadening Horizons

edited January 2014 in Story Games
Hey all! I basically run the Story Games Weekly newsletter (if you don't know what I'm talking about, check out and subscribe here: ).

It's been humming along super smooth: enough stuff comes up in the places I check that it's no trouble at all to find interesting stuff each week, and the email suggestions help highlight major things I miss. At this point, it's a tidy 60-90 minute process to get it out each week. It's the kind of thing which would be easy to keep doing for a long while, and all the positive user feedback convinces me this is a good idea.

But, by the nature of it being easy means that it's also pulling from stuff that's easily accessible: which is to say, a lot of the cool people and blogs I follow. I'm sure each week, I'm missing out on awesome conversations, but I don't actually want to subscribe to another 200 blogs. I don't really have the time to follow the forums, etc, etc. In addition, while the focus will always be front and center on story games, I love pulling in larp and OSR stuff, and I'm even less connected there.


1) Is there somebody, or some blog that you haven't seen pop up much that I should be following?
2) If you are the type of person who is seeing a lot of cool content or in different circles than I, and you'd like to help out with curating the newsletter, we should talk. (as noted above: it's an extremely low time commitment).


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