The Night Shift Before Xmas!

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A merry little game poem!

You will need random objects from around the house, sellotape, wrapping paper, mistletoe and the spirit of your choice: its the last night shift before Xmas in Santa's Secret Hideaway and the Elves (that's you) have started the celebrations already! Unfortunately, there is some last minute work to be done...

Starting with any elf, pick up a random object and pass it to them: tell them who its for and 'read' from their imaginary letter to Santa. When a present has been passed to you, you have two choices:

1. Wrap it: try to wrap the gift to the best of your abilities. Another elf pours you a drink and you must drink from it at least once every 10 seconds whilst wrapping your gift.
2. Pass it on: pick up the miseltoe and hold it over your head until someone else kisses you on the cheek; that elf then takes the present from you, but you must 'read' the imaginary letter to them, from memory, without the help of the elf who started this round.

Once a gift has been wrapped, the elf who wrapped it picks up another gift and starts a new round by passing it to someone, again 'reading' from the child's letter to Santa. The game ends when all the gifts have been wrapped: the winner is the player with the best wrapped gift, decided by popular vote.

Merry Xmas Everyone!
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