[Day After Day] Playstorm at Indiecon

A little while back, I had an idea about exploring the aftermath of a movie like Slither or Phantoms in a story-game: what would it be like to come to a town the day after such a weird event and be faced with the clean-up and fall-out? There was enough of a positive response to this query on the UKRPG forums for me to offer to run a game exploring the premise at Indiecon '13, so I dug out some half-finsihed system ideas on my hard drive and brewed a game structure out of them.

On Sunday morning at Indiecon, a bold group of volunteers sat down with me to playstorm the system, style and tone of the proposed game: I lead with my own ideas, but took on the contributions, questions and suggestions of everyone there and the finished result is now available here. The first game focused on the aftermath of an unexplained fungal infection that spread through the small town of Kelvin, Alaska, desiccating its victims and being exacerbated sharply by rapid movement or strenuous physical activity. Over the course of the game, the town turned into an internment camp for the infected, which included some of the main characters by this point, and ended on the ambiguous note of the camp commander (now also infected) looking for guinea pigs for a possible cure, produced by vivisecting the body of one of the PCs!
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