[The Magical Land of Yeld] Kidnap at the Carnival! or Wow! That's a Big Ride!

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I ran a game of Yeld at a local con here this weekend. It was a lot of fun! I'm not sure what kind of feedback you're looking for, but I figured I'd give the outline of what happened.

A husband and wife and I ended up sitting down to play. I decided to do chargen and adventure creation despite owning Mermaid Hunters. Oh, yeah, I have the white book 4, which is what I used. The wife rolled a boy and the husband rolled a girl. Yay for difference! Killian, the boy, was 8 and Elena, the girl, was 9. Killian was a know it all and Elena was a princess.

So, I then rolled a d6 and it came up 2. I told them they'd been on two adventures in Yeld so far, and I asked some questions to flesh that out. Killian and Elena lived on the same cul-de-sac and went to the same school. The door is in a candy shop in town. I asked them if they looked the same when they came to Yeld, and they decided no. Killian would be wearing very fancy clothes with a yellow theme (and a cape). Normally short Elena became even shorter at 3 ft, was green skinned and blonde!

Adventure 1 started out with them in a forest. They met a water spirit, Undine, and when she tasted their candy she fell in love with it! They made quick friends. Apparently, also, there was a big fire in the forest which Undine helped them quell, but Elena is still very afraid of fire. They ended up saving a town of squirrel people, and they had to refuse their offering of their winter nuts. So, in turn, they were offered to stay in the squirrel town when they wanted. I told them that this town was now a save point. Also, they owed Undine something.

Adventure 2 led them to a cave with gigantic spiders (who were vegetarians)! They were kinda in a tiff with a local farmer, but they weren't attacking just yet. The kids led them to a mutually convenient solution, where the farmer would leave a basket of the spiders' favorite tomatoes and the spiders would leave some mushrooms that the farmer loved but couldn't get any other way. The barn at the farm became their next save point.

After this, I started to get my thoughts together about some actual roleplaying (since this was just outlining previous "sessions"). I had the husband roll for what day of the year it was, and it turned out to be a holiday!!! Goblin Carnival day.

This made the session so awesome. We could easily get into a carnival atmosphere. I asked for a title, which they decided was: "Kidnap at the Carnival! or Wow! That's a Big Ride!"

Before I got them to the town, I told them that the spiders had woven them something as a gift. Killian got gloves and Elena got a tiny pocketbook/bag that could only hold one item (his idea). I wanted to reward him for that so I told him that yes, it could only hold one item, but that so long as the bag was closed, that item would be perfectly protected - uncrushed, dry, etc.

I told them that as they were looking at things in the town the vendors were informing them that they had to pay in Goblin Coins. How would they get Goblin Coins, they asked? Well, they could start the process by buying some with real currency (gold coins) and then win them in games of chance. They only had 3 Gold from the farmer and didn't want to convert to GC and then lose it all (since what they needed for Undine cost about 15 GC). So, I told them, they could perform Chores for vendors to get some GC. Killian helped a street cart guy get some welcome foot traffic, and Elena darned 80 socks! This was because she failed at the roll and lost a Smart die - we decided she had to sew something that made her feel less smart, so a drugerious task was in order (and I decided to fail forward instead of just having her fail). I rolled their Chore GC for them (a base of 3 each, plus a d6). So, they decided that they could move on to a game of chance.

Sidenote: I made the goblins in this Nekogoblins from Ryuutama, which was fortuitous in a couple of ways, one immediate to the story.

So, as they approached the goblin manned booth, I waved my friend Andy K over and had him take on the roll of the nekogoblin. He ran a game called "We All Win!" which was really meaning just the nekogoblins. After the ball on the wheel of fortune/roulette board mysteriously moved at the last second, the kids looked under the table and saw another nekogoblin holding a magnet. He stared them down for a second and slowly pulled the cloth back down. Hilarious. I had told Andy in prep that in the end the nekogoblins had to kidnap the kids. So, the kids at this point are demanding their prize which the nekogoblins are actually pretty willing to give over, a fancy crystalline candy which I imagined as being like a double helix. But, while doing that and answering the kids' questions, they were slowly being led into the cave where the caravan of nekogoblins resided. Everything the nekogoblins said in obfuscation was easily trumped by the kids. So, I revealed at this point that the nekogoblins considered the kids to be very smart and wanted them to join them on the road! They gave them cat ear headbands which wouldn't come off, but released their bonds. I painted a pretty awesome picture of what that meant, and the kids actually wanted to go with them. Then, OOC, the husband asked me if there was any reason why the kids would refuse at this point. Which was perfect, because I told them then that their characters heard their parents calling for them from the store. It clicked and their eyes lit up and they got the conundrum. They politely declined the offer. I told them the nekogoblins were very sad that they were going and no amount of consolation or promise of seeing them next year seemed to make them feel better. So, in a weird but fun move, the kids offered to bring the nekogoblins back with them to the other world (the nekogoblins had heard of people from another land, and a Door which, when pronounced as such, clearly had a capital "D").

The leader nekogoblin turned to the crowd of his people at this point and held his arms aloft and said, "My fellow goblins! Who here is brave enough to travel through the Door?!!" Three hands/paws came up. He then said, "Surely there are other brave souls here?" and he pointed to a goblin who's hand wasn't raised and said, "Shirley! Come with us!" Thus, the kids led five nekogoblins back to the door. They had one stop to make to drop off Undine's present/reward and they could go.

Except Undine, being kind of like a fish, was deathly afraid of the nekogoblins, for obvious prey/culinary reasons. The kids' biggest rolls that evening were actually to convince the goblins and Undine to become friends, and it was awesome how the players narrated working together and using enough dice to overcome my remaining dice pool.

To end the session, I had them step through the door. When they appeared in the real world, they had a kitten in their hands. Now they'd have to convince their parents to let them keep the kitten!

But, wait, where are the other four?? We'd have to find out next time.
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