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(Remember to keep them bite sized!)

I ran The Magical Land of Yeld at Escapist Expo Friday night. It was a no combat awesome fest. The kids, unwilling to join the nekogoblins on their caravan around the world holding carnivals, but also unwilling to let the nekogoblins pout over it, offer to bring them back to their world! First, though, they have to make the Undine water spirit, who's fishy qualities make her a delightful meal for the nekogoblins, and the nekogoblins come together as friends first. That was the biggest roll of the evening, but not the best feelings created. I'm falling in love with "honobono" gaming.


  • The awesome thing about Friday night's Golden Sky Stories game at Big Bad Con was lending Kenta my wings because he made my stomach quivery. He did a pretty good job with them. Also, cats.
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    Lasers & Feelings, two players + GM (I think it could've been better with a 3rd one).

    The improvised bit I'm the most proud of was a "Intercom call" from the Raptor to the Consortium. They had a conversation with an over-bureaucratic Consortium employee, that asked very formal questions and sighed at every new new fact they brought into the conversation:
    What do you say? Your Captain is sick? This means you'll have to fill the A-15 Green Form for Official Sickness Declaration. Do you think his disease will require a Leave of Absence over 15 days? If so you'll have to add the FFC-55-c form. Oh and you're calling for help? Then I'll have to send an official request to the Operational Services, and if you don't have an answer in the next 48 hours, you'll be able to make this request again.
    Making this Consortium an overweight bureaucracy was funny, and the players understood this Consortium could not really help them quickly enough and they had to work things out themselves.
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    [Lacuna: Yadda yadda yadda]
    My overly cavalier, insufficiently trained mystery agent Sadler spends most of the mission goofing off on a jetpack that he requisitioned. He only begins to rethink his attitude toward the Blue City when he uses the Lacuna device on the wrong person, leading to the death of an innocent real-world person.
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    I think Agent Sadler should be the one on the slab. Just saying...
  • I'm documenting our group's Dying Earth campaign at Station 53. (I don't think this counts as Self-Promotion -- I'm just a contributor there -- but please let me know if posting a link is bad form.)

    I'm catching back up to our last session, which involved a wine-harvest festival, elaborate costumes that involved gender bending as no big thing at all, bustiers and bushy mustaches together. The festival building was blown up (for the eighth time), and thanks to the Spell of Temporal Stasis, the party was able to travel back to the start of the festival to sort things out. Mostly. Actual wine and cheese were consumed along with the virtual ones, which I think adds highly to the experience.
  • The kids (6 - 12) at this weekend's kids LARP taught my spoiled princess (who just got dumped by the king-in-waiting) how to be an independent adventurer.
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    Big Bad Con, Sagas of the Icelanders: There's a beautiful moment between the Seiðkona and the Matriarch as they realize the Norwegian woman is moments away from giving birth to a child that will strengthen her husband's legal claim to their land.

    That moment has a name, and the name is "infanticide".
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    Big Bad Con, another game of Sagas of the Icelanders: In the aftermath of a bloody battle, the wounded Huscarl comforts his older sister over the death of their father, all the while knowing her husband is right next to her in a tangled pile of the slain. "I must go tell Gisli," she says, and her brother's gaze shifts, and suddenly she knows.
  • Jason, I really need to play that game with you sometime. It sounds so much more saga-like than anything I could achieve running it!

    Monsterhearts Online:
    My new Serpentine character has just invited the new Hollow character (both additions to an ongoing game) to come in and have tea. Just before they enter, a vampire shows up demanding to talk to the Hollow. My character goes inside to make tea with the Hollow's permission, and after a little while hears a scream. The Hollow comes in with ashes all over her. OOC, I know the vampire had gotten beat down in a previous scene and was on her last hitpoint. But IC, now my character is convinced that she's some kind of mighty warrior, and is now determined to recruit the Hollow to serve the family. This should be amusing.
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    Apocalypse World play-by-post, setting Junk World, Aliens movie franchise inspired.
    Kiddo the Battlebabe heads into a deadzone and meets Olimpia the android, left here for over a decade. She attacks Olimpia because she's spouting curses from The Tempest and walking forward towards her. She chooses to impress, dismay or frighten Olimpia.
    The boomstick belches out fire and lead and hell and "she" keeps walking forward. Same pace. Body parts fly off her in sparks, and white blood sprays out of her as you cripple her. Then you're standing over her, boomstick on her head and she looks up at you with those red eyes, and you demand answers. The metallic rasp in her voice becomes a whine and what little skin is left on her face is drawn into piteous sadness and horror.
    Tell me what you want.
    I will help you.
    I am so lonely, Kiddo.
    I cannot end, Kiddo.
    I cannot function, Kiddo.
    I am broken, Kiddo.
    Let me.
    Let me help you.
  • Blades in the Dark (playtest)

    Ryan's character, Mara, tangles with an assassin and she's getting stabbed in the heart and it's all bullet time and we ask Ryan: do you commit everything to avoiding the fatal blow (she can, and she'll survive, but she'll probably end up in a very bad spot again) or do you try to twist this moment around to something you can work with and risk your life?

    And of course Ryan being Ryan risks her life and rolls and... 1.

    Knife to heart. Bleeds out. Stone cold dead.

    Fortunately her companion knows how to pull a spirit from a body and stick it in a new one. And pulls it off, too. So now Mara ain't Mara no more.
  • DramaSystem play-by-post: modern day vampires in San Francisco

    After the PCs collude to have a police detective murdered, the century-old Miranda turns out to have a clever - if highly illegal amongst vampires - method of getting rid of a body. She catches up with the assassin, turns him into one of the undead, then leaves him immobilised on the roof to burn up in the morning sun.
  • A Zaru PC has been collecting Zu words, and he became a religious convert, proselytizing to the local ratkin (played by me) that Zu is the language of creation and everyone should learn it. The player wasn't very good at persuasion, sounding like a used car-salesman.

    Playing the ratkin, I told him, "You look like a cat in a rat litter."
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    Played Dungeon World with Noah (11 years old) and Alana (8).

    Dodge, the halfling thief (Noah), got munched by a zombie, came back as a zombie himself. Wanted to eat the brains of Charlotte, the elf bard (Alana).

    Charlotte lifts her magic violin and plays a magic tune.

    "'Cause this is thriller, thriller night
    And no one's gonna save you from the beast about to strike"

    Dodge stops trying to kill her, starts dancing instead.
  • Dodge stops trying to kill her, starts dancing instead.
    Favorite 2013 Halloweenish game bit so far!

  • "That was the moment it changed. The first mission I was all happy go-lucky because this was all a dream. The a spider headed man tried to eat my soul. That's when I started to go a bit crazy."
    -Agent Stewart describing his experiences as a mystery agent.
  • Heart of Ashes:

    Otto and Elisa were bitter, having learned that Roderick Rabbit was spying for Lord Endril during their journey, but being kids they wouldn't abandon their erstwhile friend. They attempted to betray the Dark Lord by absconding through the portal to Earthworld with the Magic Manual he tasked them with retrieving. Pushing through the gate, Otto was forced to drop his backpack containing Roderick. As the portal closed behind them, they witnessed a furious Lord Endril closing his scaly grip on poor Roderick Rabbit's neck.
  • Polaris @ Story Games Seattle. Character creation.

    "I think his lover is a guy. Is homosexuality a bad thing in this society?"

    "That's up to us. If we want it to be fine, it's fine. Or if we want to explore it as an issue we can say gays are persecuted."

    "Cool. Yeah, I want it to be an issue and have homosexuality be forbidden. Their love is a secret. Everyone okay with that?"

    And so it was.
  • In our game of Penny for my Thoughts last week, my own child called Social Services on my poor failing character. She just stood there as they took her away.
  • Sagas of the Icelanders: Bard Ormursson's Eyrarvatn neighbors are preparing to go beat up a Langisandur farmer who moved some boundary stones. It is a bad idea and he tries to talk them out of it and fails, tempting fate in the process. The player starts giving me ideas about how misfortune might strike but really, I've got it covered.

    When they get to the Langisandur farmstead, one of them pulls out a torch.
  • Blades in the Dark (playtest)

    Our new gang is making their first big move: stealing from the Fog Hounds' warehouse. And setting it on fire to send a message. As you do.

    So our resident Scoundrel, just back from making contacts in prison (including the arsonist we're using and three Blades on loan from one of Scurlock's lieutenants), oversees the setting of the fire while my Thug goes in to handle the theft and the two people inside the warehouse. The two inside lock themselves in the office rather than face us. We leave them to burn.

    However, the Scoundrel wasn't spotted during the heist and goes right back, acting like a surprised passer-by. And then he saves one of the guys inside from the fire! So now we have loot, a name (the Firebrands), and an inside hook into the Fog Hounds :)
  • Dungeon World: Veniak the ranger has had his bear ensorcelled by Yrsa, priestess of Pakhet, Mother of Beasts. His bear rises up to protect Yrsa and Veniak, trusting that his bear will recognize his true friend, lets the bear attack him. The bear puts his jaws around Veniak's throat and then stops moments before crushing it. (Defy Danger with +Cha. The player lucked out making the roll.)

    Veniak and Surt, the halfling thief, let Yrsa know what they think about that.
  • The rise and fall of Giantslayer (AW hack)
    An Attack on Titan influenced giant grab's one of the player's soldier. The other player uses his Vision of Death move and says the kid will not die but the giant will! So after a lot of fuss, the young soldier finally finishes off the weakened monster and so gets the nickname Giantslayer. Throught the session the rookie manages to stay alive and actively helps to defeat some other giants with succesfull Vision of Death rolls and smart player decisions. But at the end, when the other player is already gone Giantslayer is facing a giant alone because every other soldier already escaped. Feeling competent he attacks the towering monster, but a failed roll suddently ends the quick rise of Giantslayer! :)
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    Geiger Counter (newest version)
    A mercenary crew is exploring the corridors of a decaying transhuman vessel. Jamie moves his character's pawn onto the "Dark Secrets" space, which requires you to name another character and trigger their "Deception" trait. Jamie picks Ghezo, who has just had a bit of transmutated flesh that used to be their commander crawl into his ear. Ghezo's player (who's name I have forgotten, sorry!) says, "Hmm, that's weird; my deception is 'You Desire to Cultivate the Menace and See This Experiment Play Out,' but that doesn't really fit with how I've been playing the character." But then we reminded him about the thing that was now inside of him and he was like: "Ooooooooooohhh." Later on, when Ghezo met the slowly dying transhuman creature in the darkest recesses of the ship, he embraced and became one with it, so the creature seized on his death wish and created a thousand duplicated Ghezos to spread death throughout the universe. Like ya do.
  • Torchbearer

    Our heroes, Virgil, Locian, and Umir, drive off 8 rats with their masterful attack and a slew of Eldritch Bolts. Digging through the rats' trash heap for coins, however, wakes 12 giant bats. Fleeing into the night (and losing a Flee conflict terribly), they find themselves lost in the woods outside a cave, with no clue where they are or how to get home. After a day of walking in circles, they find their way to the town of Angleford, exhausted and angry, not to mention treasure-less. On the main street of the town, an adventurer is being hung for ringing up huge bills and then trying to sneak away in the night without paying. This does not bode well.

    After they decide to get some rest and beer anyway, the bill collectors let them know they better come back with enough treasure to pay, or they won't be allowed back in. One of the party members not playing last night, Charlotte, has parents in this town, and the collectors will take the money from them if the adventurers don't come back soon. Charlotte's parents are not rich people. We shall see how this moral quandary plays out.

    Torchbearer is one of my favorite games I've played. It is crazy fun to GM.
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    MonkeyCon2 mini report for me.

    - Had a blast with Zylo's Stars Adrift (working title for his FTL inspired board game.) We made it to the end and handily smashed the Titan boss ship.
    - Played Cards Against Humanity with some old friends. The guy that was new to CAH freaking won both games. Tricky...
    - Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple was a good Saturday morning kick start for the day. The pilgrims managed to leave a planet covered in vomit and the people were okay with that. Turns out space whale vomit is a high grade fertilizer.
    - Golden Sky Stories ended on a happy note where we united Yuki and Yuji by shamelessly faking Shinji as a craven coward in front of Yuki. I played the dirty hippie dog that was in love with everyone. Never changed out of animal form.
  • A bunch of great moments from Trouble For Hire (Kevin Allen Jr's work in progress) at Chicago Game Day yesterday, but the very end was in-the-moment perfect.

    Ruben Carlos Ruiz and his sidekick El Nino have made it from southern ND to eastern CA in a day with a special delivery for the head of the 99 Thieves motorcycle gang. They've made their way past incompetent car mechanics, suburbanite meth dealers, survivalist spam hoarders, The Cossack, and finally made the delivery and then fought their way through the gang to escape with their lives - during an earthquake.

    After back-to-back really good rolls to fight and escape the motorcycle gang, Ruben and his motley collection of hangers-on are rumbling away from an opening faultline in The Machine, when El Nino turns to him. "Boss...we never got paid!"

    I think 3 people simultaneously said "End Credits!" and we all started applauding. So good.
  • [Trouble for Hire] Did the infamous shark killing knife show up again?
  • No shark killing knife! There was a 3.5" floppy disc in the box, though. Maybe we've played different adventures?
  • Converted the characters in my Pathfinder game for a Dungeon World interlude. First session included kobold missionaries that worship dearly departed Meepo from the 3E Sunless Citadel module, a bag full of shrieker mushrooms, gelatinous cubes, and a botched Recruit roll resulting in a young, brash, and completely incompetent kobold hireling. A success!
  • Fiasco at Burning Con - two cousins with different orientations openly lust after a sexually ambiguous Lara Croft crossplayer at an anime convention. Our Object was "a misleading sign".
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    Lady Blackbird at Burning Con - pirates have disrupted the fancy dress ball and everything is going to hell. Naomi's new lover Kale is about to fall from a broken ceiling joist above her while, across the floor, Lady Blackbird is about to get knifed in the back.

    Sean Nittner crosses off Key of the Guardian and catches Kale and the Lady dies.
  • Blood & Water at Furnace
    The Water Nymph ended up Queen of the undersea having kicked the King in to Hell when the Demon use his keys to open a portal before stepping through to become a Bass player for a demon metal band. Meanwhile the Zombie dressed back in his vestments and refound his Faith to close the door and save the World before settling down in the mansion with a woman who looked just like his old 'housekeeper'.
  • Agon at Furnace - there was a delicious moment when all at once the players got the hang of the competitiveness for glory and the positioning rules, and suddenly started barging one another out of the way to ensure they got the killing blow for themselves. It is very close to being the perfect con game. I wish I'd had an actual prize for the victor!
  • The Climb - I'm Dr. Lund, woefully under-equipped at Camp IV where Wójcik has a hurt ankle and is having a bad dexymethasone reaction. Hayes is missing. Dorsey is missing. Mercer is dead. And I can't get Wójcik off the mountain by myself. I say goodbye and leave him screaming for help.
  • Jason: I heard about how you rolled each die one at a time to see if Lady Blackbird died. Well done, sir.
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    OctaNe - Burning Con, the players play The Flametrick Subs (with their go-go dancers Satan's Cheerleaders), a psychobilly band in Austin, TX face the three sections of SxSW in epic battle (of the bands).

    Interactive - Hipster zombies get tangled up in the homless being used as iPhone charging stations and become "King Rat" style conglomeration creatures. The Rats (and zombies) are converted into fans via an airborne concert on the backs of giant mutated bats.

    Film - The Subs derail a shipment of drugs from Troublemaker Studios driven by stunt men. It is two rounds before the stunt men recalibrate from their stunt ways and can actually start hitting people. They are defeated by leading them to the edge of the Congress street bridge and jumping off.

    Music - The Subs and crew infiltrate Miley Cyrus's headlining show and Satan's Cheerleaders twerk their way to the stage and dance off with Miley's crew. Peggy Suicide disenchants Miley, ripping the corruption from her and rendering her back into Hannah Montana. Miley's father (Billy Ray Cyrus) steps in and an epic drinking contest ensues.
  • Apocalypse World PBP, Stitch the Angel has been captured by a gang called the Wendys:
    Ronnie looks up, he's done with talking. "Cobb, get Stitch up, take her around. Free clinic. Keep her working until she's seen everyone who's hurt. Chive's teeth, your damn rash, Chilli's fingers... oh, and Frosty's baby, too."

    Cobb, the knife sharpener, laughs, "Her baby? She gonna tell Frosty it's dead?

    "Maybe she'll believe a doc, yeah?" Ronnie quips.
  • I love playing with Story Gamers. They just know what's best sometimes ...

    We're playing MotoBushido in the first part I like to think of as the group Zero Act. Andy's samurai keeps escalating an argument with the LT who's telling all of us to go on a suicide final charge and does everything but kill the guy (since the rules forbade it given Andy's choices during the stand off).

    Now, flash forward to the current gang. Who founded it? The LT! Why? Because he was injured and couldn't make the suicide charge ...

    Also, now, who's this guy in the gang that's all secretive? Could it be Andy's samurai from before??

    Just the setup stuff and we all knew how this season was going to go down.
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