Glorantha with Apocalypse World ?

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Whats the most practical/simpler way to use AW in Glorantha ?

My group is brewing some adventuring ideas right now and we´re flirting with AW because of its simplicity and speed of play (two factors very important, since all the group is adults with family). It doesnt need to be too elaborate or complex. In fact, we thought about a simple premise of the adventures of a little clan in Dragon Pass striving for greatness and booze.

The most practical way for this that I could think of, is simply translating the default playbooks directly to Glorantha equivalents, more or less like this:

The Angel = Chalana Arroy Healer
The Hardholder = Orlanth Clan Chief
The Battlebabe = Vingan Fyrdwoman
The Gunlugger = Humakt Weaponthane
The Operator = Issaries Merchant
The Brainer = Lhankor Mhy Lawspeaker
The Skinner = Eurmal Skald

What you think ? Any help is apreciated. ;)


  • There was a thread about this on I think someone had done a bit of initial work.
    I'd think the various Conan hacks on barf forth would have some bits. Even Dungeon
    World may have something.

    However the easiest way would probably be to start with John Harper's World of Dungeons and add stuff in as you need it. The Streets of Marienberg (sp?) hack of World of Dungeons would give some pointers on how.

    OTOH Heroquest is also a viable option! (I think)
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