Escape from Tentacle City: cheat sheet?

edited July 2013 in Story Games
Anything like this out there? There's nothing like it available on the game's website, and a cheat sheet would be really helpful when teaching the game...


  • Hey there!
    I never made a cheat sheet for Escape from Tentacle City. Are there any rules issues you're having, or areas of confusion?
  • Hi thanks for replying! No, it's more a matter of logistics when presenting the game. What would be really great is something like: one sheet summarizing the game setup, including chargen, map drawing, etc., then another for "When you play the tentacles, do..." including reminders of what the different threat levels trigger, and another for "When you're playing a character, do..." including reminders for when a character is safe, sacrifice rules, and the different scene goals of course. It would just help things not be quite so overwhelming at first. The rules aren't complicated but there's a bunch of tricky stuff to remember. Does that make sense?
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