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Good morning Brain Trust, I need your sage advice.

I am GM-ing a game in which the campaign story arc involves a sinister cult that is killing citizens and is resurrecting them to use as an army to over throw the authorities.

(For those that need to know, it is Mouse Guard and the authorities are Gwendolyn in Lockhaven).

My question is: How do I get the patrol directly involved with the cult?

So far I have hinted at the cult’s sinister existence through the mad ramblings of broken mice and fleeting conflicts with cultists.

The patrol are about the enter the town where the cult has its base, but I’m unsure how to proceed.

Thanks in advance, Brainiacs!



  • Surely you're not lacking ideas for fictional developments? You could throw the cult at them any which way:

    A PC's acquaintance or relative is involved in the cult; they either show subtle signs of distress, or naïvely attempt to recruit the PC as well. (Remember, you do not need to be able to defend a NPCs train of thought as "rational" or "sensible"; deeds of men and mice rarely are any such thing, even if some players try to hold their own characters to a higher standard.)

    The cult stages a highly public display of power to cow the citizens and persuade the mayor to underwrite a declaration or ordnance of some sort.

    The cult knows to fear the Guard, and they therefore specifically target any guardsmice who arrive in town publicly; their goal is to suborn one using subtle drugs, so as to send them to spy and sabotage Lockhaven later on as a Manchurian candidate.

    The PCs find out that the local authorities have imprisoned a mouse on vague grounds, denying habeas corpus; the guard discovers that the mouse in question is a vigilante, long embroiled in fighting against the cult. Unfortunately nobody else belies them regarding the cult's existence in town.

    The cult requires exotic ingredients for their rituals. A merchant complains of robbery committed by zombies nearby. The trail leads to a cavern outside town, but connecting to the town severs. Following the clues further leads to the cult base.
  • Blimey Eero! You are some kind of story-telling genius!

    I thought I was inventive but you've made me feel very, very slow.

    Thank you for your suggestions. Thank you very much.

  • A: drop Mice twists in; every Mice twist is a cult encounter (or a bunch of them)
    B: yeah, use Mice as a hazard for the mission, and use the cult
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    The Cult Is Not Bad: the cult goes public -- they resurrect the loved ones of prominent citizens: children taken too soon, spouses savaged by wild animals, siblings crushed by horrible accident. For all intents and purposes, the Re-Living are perfectly restored and normal. How could this be bad?

    The Cult Is Not Bad Hides A Secret: the ritual is not perfectly repeatable; sometimes it works, and the Re-Living are restored to life; sometimes it is less successful. What does the cult do with these failures? Where does the underground army live? What dark vaults do they inhabit? And what if a secret inner circle of the cult decides that the best way to proceed is to ignore the mistakes, dis-inter decently buried Mice, and gift them with unlife to add to this burgeoning army?

    The Secret Cult Army Achieves Autonomy: the secret inner circle of the cult discover that the un-living have formed their own secret circle of power and have fewer compunctions about what and whom they raise; and, of course, they have an alarming disdain for the living and a fundamentally alien worldview. A member of the inner circle decides that his move of last resort is to come to the Guardmice for aid before the Secret Cult Army overwhelms the land of the living.
  • This is starting to sound like Mice in the Vineyard. :)
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