[design help] How to track a war map session to session?

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So I have a game that covers the politics and strategies of war. And in it we use a map to track troop movement, supplies lines, and other "war bits." We need a way to make it easier to store and set up at the end and beginning of each session. We currently have to record the position of all the tokens at the end of a game, and then place them down again at the beginning of the next.

Anyone have some amazing idea on how to do this more easily, without being too expensive, or permanent?


  • Cork board and colored pins? Take a photograph or two of it if you're afraid pins+markers will become loose during movement.

    I realize that isn't a perfect answer, but it's certainly classic.
  • Use a virtual board, on a laptop or tablet.
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    I second that. Cork board and pins are the best/easiest and cheapest way to go, we tested it with or war games. Only downside is that the map will be trashed after a few sessions so I would advise to make some copies.
    If you were using a computer a simple graphic editor will do the trick.
  • Well, I am looking for ideas on how to effectively sell it and have it manufactured as a game. Part of the games mechanics is that you effectively draw out a map on a board that will function like a war game for your campaign.

    Right now for my prototypes I am using magnetic sheets attached to sheet protectors, and magnetic discs as the tokens. I stack them up, and place card stock sheets between them for storage between sessions.
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    Does you map have hexes? If not could it have them?
    If so you could make a cutout hex grid on the top of the actual map and place the units on hex tokens. That way you could just put the hex tokens "into" the hex grid, they would stay in place, the map would have be cardboard or something thicker than standard paper thou.
  • Maybe provide a clear hex overlay. The maps can go underneath and you can use dry erase pens to draw movement, battle lines, or whatever.
  • Another option is a magnetic board, though that would make for pricey game components
  • Maybe provide a clear hex overlay. The maps can go underneath and you can use dry erase pens to draw movement, battle lines, or whatever.
    I like this!
  • I think "how big is it gonna be" is relevant to your interests here.
  • I've used laminated maps and non-permanent markers to save the state for Battletech. There's a little overhead to mark everything up, but if you don't have too many pieces it's not too bad.
  • For Domains at War we're printing hex maps on vinyl for use with wipe-erase markers, which makes sense for big maps, and offering vinyl sleeves that you can insert an 8.5 x 11" sheet into which gives you three levels of permance - stuff printed or inked onto the sheet, things pencilled in, and things wipe-erase markered onto the sleeve.
  • Lego?

    Actually, I like the clear hex map & markers option
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