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So I'm MCing a Monsterhearts one-shot this coming Sunday (Saturday, for you people in the Western Hemisphere), and am sweating bullets. Some of it is the usual pre-game MC jitters that I get before every session regardless of what I'm running. The rest of it is specific to this particular game though, as it's essentially a con-game being run over Skype with people I've only interacted with via another gaming forum. I'm extremely nervous that I'll screw something up and run a horrible session, turning them all off to Monsterhearts (it's the first time for all of them, [insert virgin jokes here]).

For my prep I've got a list of 40 random student names, provocative questions to ask (thanks to this fantastic thread), and a massive, boner-popping crush on this game. I realize that's all you really need, as the players will (hopefully) generate lots of hooks and strings for me to yank with those questions. But I'm wondering if people would be kind enough to share some of the interesting situations they've encounter in a game of Monsterhearts (either as a player or as an MC). Something like:
The douche bag popular kid, [name], is sitting on a brand new motorcycle in the front parking lot of the school. He's hitting on all the hot girls as they come out of the building after school. What's going to happen when he hits on [PC's girlfriend/crush/best friend/etc.]?
I thought of that one while walking past the local high school yesterday and seeing almost exactly that very situation. So does anyone what to share a situation and help me out? :)


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    When I went through a bit of a process like this (thinking about things that might come up, and how to get them into play), I put together a huge random table of sorts (a Fiasco playset). It's great for people who want to play Monsterhearts but don't know exactly what it is or how it should go, or feel shy, or anything like that.

    Here it is:

    It All Ends in Tears

    If you're playing with people who get and love the teen monster genre, then you'll find they will do most (or all!) of the work for you. Just ask them open-ended questions (even very vague ones), like you're having a conversation with someone you're really interested in, and it will work practically by itself.

    (Edit: I just realized that I'm talking to someone who I think has read all the recent Monsterhearts threads here! Still, "It All Ends in Tears" contains a great number of such "situations". Maybe I'll post a few more here which never made it into that document as well...)
  • Okay, here's some stuff I left out of that playset which you could use. Many of these are taken from various people's Actual Play reports:
    3 The last person you wanted to see arrives to take your parent out on a date: you answer the door
    4 Christian zealot and soul in need of salvation
    6 Forced to share a bed by circumstances beyond your control
    2 Sitting a life-or-death exam, completely unprepared
    3 Making drugs in an RV trailer, and the one who stumbles upon the operation
    4 Behind the school, surrounded by a group of students who've come to do them harm
    5 Sitting together in detention on the night of the biggest party
    6 In the library, a student collects the final piece of information necessary for their plan to commit an act of terrible tragedy
    1 A date ends after dark by the cemetery
    3 A small group of students meet to discuss a recent series of mysterious deaths/disappearances
    2 At the party, face-to-face with the one person you wish hadn't been invited
    3 Last chance at the cheerleading/sports/band/theatre show tryouts
    4 In the school's gym, making a bid for class president

    5 ...at the Prom
    6 ...and the Police shows up

    1 Looks like a party, but is really an excuse to haze or humiliate all the “uncool” kids

    Showing up to the prom wearing identical prom dresses
    Passing motorist and hitchhiker
    When I used the playset in my Monsterhearts game, we got this situation, which I thought was pretty cool:
    In the opening sequence of the show, we see Flinch and Cordelia driving down a dark country road just outside of town in her dad's bright red convertible. They're heading home from a party, and Cordelia isn't paying too much attention to the road.

    Cassius, a new vampire, is desperately trying to figure out how to deal with this bizarre thirst for blood. He's out in the Shady Elms, near Gus's Gas, feeding on squirrels and whatever else he can find.

    Unfortunately for Cassius, he happens to be crossing the road in the dark when Cordelia and Flinch are speeding home. They run right into him, and Cassius is thrown onto the edge of the road, basically dead. ("A murder by accident...")

    Cordelia, terrified, decides to get out of there as quickly as possible, and they speed off. Flinch, however, is bothered by something: that kid's smell just wasn't right. Stranger yet, he smells like his former lover: Lilith.

    Flinch returns to the scene of the crime alone later that night. "I... need... blood", Cassius whispers, dying, in Flinch's arms. Smelling his lover's scent on him, Flinch is unable to resist, and lets Cassius sink his teeth into his flesh. The fresh blood revives him, saving his life. ("Someone saved your unlife")

    This is the first time Cassius has ever fed on a human.
  • I recommend reading this if you haven't yet read it. Unhide the GM advice as you read each section -- pure gold from EpistolaryRichard.
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