What elements make for functional kids' action-y toy play?

edited March 2013 in Story Games
I bought into the Reaper Bones Kickstarter. Soon, a big ol' box of fantasy miniatures will arrive at my home.

Yay me!

I've been thinking about building some kind of game to go with them, and I've been thinking about the fun times I had as a kid before I ever learned about RPGs or miniatures wargames.

I'd like to build off those kinds of good experiences, but it has been decades since I played with toys truly like a kid without that gamerthink going on.

So folks, help me out. I know a bunch of you played with action figures and similar toys as kids too.

What are the behaviors/methods/aproaches/unwritten "rules" that you used as kids that made it successful*?

I'm trying to get a handle on that stuff, and use it at the core of some play method for grown adults.

*For right now, i want to avoid discussions of when it went bad and didn't work. That's more of a follow-up topic.
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