Top Five Unplayed Games, 2013

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Because Dreamation was very, very good to me, my top five unplayed list has been ALL SHOOK UP. Also, it's 2013 now, so here's a new thread.

1. Don't Rest Your Head
2. Danger Patrol
3. Lady Blackbird
4. In a Wicked Age
5. Drifter's Escape

And if I can list a game that's not out yet:

6. Monster of the Week

And one I want to run:

7. Dogs in the Vineyard

1. Dog Eat Dog
2. Quiet Year
3. Hillfolk (Dramasystem)
4. Keep it Sunny
5. Stalker

Mainly, though? I just want to play a lot of games I've already gotten a taste for, like In a Wicked Age, Night's Black Agents, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Dogs in the Vineyard, Fiasco, Dungeon World, Fate Core/Bulldogs, etc.



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    1. Burning Wheel Gold
    2. Mouse Guard
    3. Spirit of the Century
    4. Apocalypse World
    5. Old School Hack/Retrocalypse
    And now:

    1. Burning Wheel Gold
    2. Powered by the Apocalypse triple quadruple-bill: Monsterhearts, Undying, The Regiment, Sagas of the Icelanders
    3. Durance
    4. Archipelago
    5. Apocalypse World (still haven't played it un-hacked)

    Runners-up: Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Microscope, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, Cortex Core/Plus, FATE Core, Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, Technoir, Cthulu Dark, Trail of Cthulu, Dog Eat Dog

    No longer all that interested in Spirit of the Century or Old School Hack.
  • Hm.

    1. Itras By
    2. Sagas of the Icelanders
    3. My new take on a Patrick O'Brian style naval adventure game (note: finish writing draft first).
    4. Fight Fire
    5. Dog Eat Dog.

    Also nominated: Stalker, Legerdemain Betrayers, a Fate Core game with voidcaller magic to get a Twenty Palaces game on.
  • I'm playing catchup on the whole Story-Games thing:

    1. Dogs in the Vineyard
    2. Burning Wheel Gold
    3. Mouse Guard
    4. FATE Core
    5. Riddle of Steel

    Also Reign, Houses of the Blooded, and Dread would be fun.
  • 1. Hollowpoint
    2. Lady Blackbird – can't believe I still haven't played it
    3. Undying – I suspect it's not for me, but I want to try it
    4. ViewScream – preferrably a bit reworked, but I'd like to try a Varp
    5. umm… Mobile Frame Zero? Not an rpg, so maybe it doesn't count.
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    1. Stalker
    2. Scorn
    3. Under My Skin
    4. Fight Fire
    5. Mike's Patrick O'Brian style naval game.

    Mike: let's play Fight Fire some time.
  • Bit late to the Story Games Party, but I've played Mouse Guard and have purchased Fiasco, Apocalypse World, Dread and Microscope (with a view to getting them to the table soon), so I won't include them in my list.

    1. The Quiet Year
    2. Montsegur 1244
    3. Sengoku
    4. Lady Blackbird
    5. Polaris

    Anyone in the North West of England want to crack these open with me?
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    My list probably looks like this right now:

    1. Burning Wheel Gold, haven't played it since revised.
    2. Call of Cthulhu adventures with some AW-hack rules.
    3. Fate Core or Dresden Files.
    4. One of those Gumshoe games, preferrably Trail of Cthulhu or Night's Black Agents.
    5. One of those ORE games.
  • 1. Durance
    2. My Daughter, the Queen of France
    3. Itras By
    4. Fuck Youth
    5. Left Coast
  • 1. Contenders
    2. Saga of the Icelanders
    3. Thou Art But A Warrior
    4. Dogs in the Vineyard
    5. 44
  • Mike: let's play Fight Fire some time.
    You're on!

  • Mike, Steve, me too!

    I'm in for Stalker too Steve.

    And can we play the one about the teenagers solving a mystery? Mystery Solving Teens!.
  • 1. Marvel Heroic Roleplaying
    2. The Shadow of Yesterday
    3. Time & Temp
    4. Technoir
    5. Mouse Guard

    Also : Leverage, Undying, Sagas of the Icelanders, Remember Tomorrow, Swashbucklers of the Seven Skies.
  • So it was

    1. tremulus
    2. World of Algol
    3. Tenra
    4. Fiasco
    5. Burning Empires
    I'll add Mouse Guard instead. I have a much longer list :-( Still I hope to knock a couple off soon. If we'd have done this in January then revisiting Basic D&D would have been on the list but I managed to do that already :-)

  • 1. Bliss Stage
    2. Tenra
    3. Fate Core
    4. Dungeon World (hopefully with Wicked Fantasy)
    5. Blood Red Sands

    Going to get back in the GM saddle with two Mekton Zeta campaigns.
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    Played some from before, added some new ones. Current list is:

    Night's Black Agents
    Mystic Empyrean
    Anima Prime
    , with some rules hacks I've been thinking of
    Blood Red Sands (which I could ostensibly do, since I have the PDF. But kinda want to wait for book in hand)
    Dog Eat Dog or The Quiet Year (want to play both, but I have an itch for a kind of play that either of these will likely scratch)

    Currently playing Marvel Supers, Apocalypse World so I was able to cross those off a previous list.
  • My own list, in retrospect, might suggest something about my sensibilities...

    In no particular order:

    1. Monsterhearts
    2. My Life with Master
    3. Kagematsu
    4. Dog Eat Dog

    Not sure about a number five. Maybe "The Mountain Witch", or my own game, "The Land of Nodd".
  • I've got a group I can spring nearly anything on, so I've played a ton of new weird things this last year. Which makes this list hard to make, because if I wanted to play it, we'd already have played it.

    1. Thola
    2. Alas Vegas
    3. Microscope
    4. Montsegur
    5-infinity. Games I haven't finished writing yet.
  • 2012's list was
    Burning Empires
    Mouse Guard
    Danger Patrol

    I considered several candidates, but nothing quite compels me to knock any of them off the list, still unplayed. Clearly, I need to get some gaming in.
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  • In no particular order (mostly):

    1 - Hillfolk
    2 - Cortex Plus
    3 - FATE Core
    4 - Dungeon PLANET, for fuck's sake!!!!
    5 - On Mighty Thews

    I'd also like to put Mouse Guard, Danger Patrol, Anima Prime, and a few others, but the ones listed above are the itches I need to scratch.
  • 1. Durance
    2. Avatar World (turns out I have to finish writing it before I can play though)
    3. Montsegur 1244
    4. Magicians
    5. Fate Core / Dresden Files

    Others include Silver & White, tremulus, Sagas of the Icelanders (those two are waiting on physical books from crowdfunding though), and Marvel Heroic. I haven't read enough about Itras By to get really excited for it yet, but that has a good shot to get on the list too.
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    If you can find three more, and you're willing to play over google hangouts, I can throw a game of Puppetland your way.
    PM me if you're interested.
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    For me they fall into two categories.

    Games I will likely never get people to play_________Games I can probably get people to play
    1. Polaris_________________________________________1. Technoire
    2. Shock__________________________________________2. Durance
    3. Montsegur 1244_________________________________3. Burning Empires
    4. Bliss Stage ______________________________________4. The Aegis Project
    5. Dance and the Dawn______________________________5. Blood and Honor
  • 1. The Quiet Year
    2. Durance
    3. World of STALKER / Dungeon Crawl Classics (it's the same game, right?)
    4. PSI*RUN
    5. Novanta Minuti ("Ninety Minutes")
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    We have an online character sheet worked for Polaris.
    If you want to try to wrestle two more people, I will be happy to play with you.

  • 3. World of STALKER / Dungeon Crawl Classics (it's the same game, right?)
    Yes, yes it is. In fact we were talking last night after our Stalker session about how much fun it would be to port everything about it to a fantasy game. Insanely powerful wizards/extraplanar beings visit, mess the place up, and leave. No monsters in Ye Olde Zones, just treasure and death.

    My list in no order:
    The Quiet Year
    Silver and White
    Serpent's Tooth
    A bunch of live action stuff

  • [I would play your World of Deadly-Weirdness-But-No-Dungons-Or-Monsters in a heartbeat. It could also be, like, the site of a magical catastrophe (think: Trinity or Chernobyl) or the place where a star or giant meteor crashed into the planet (think: Craters of the Moon National Park or the Malhavoc supplement "When the Sky Falls").]
  • (Just wanted to give a public thanks to Harlequin, who appears as a crusader of good dedicated to helping people make their gaming dreams come true. Like some kind of Story Games superhero!)
  • Off the top off my head (and I'd likely give another answer if asked in another hour):

    1. Stalker
    2. Kuro
    3. Eldritch Skies
    4. Hillfolk
    5. Fate Accelerated

    These are in no particular order, and in other moods, I might swap something out for Fate: White Picket Witches, The Demolished Ones, Itras By, or Alas Vegas.
  • 1) Burning Empires - someday I will have enough people on board to really give this a go.
    2) Freemarket - in the odd posistion that I have no interest in running this but really want to play in it.
    3) Adventurer Conquerer King - really love this game and want to set up a sandbox to see what happens.
    4) Shadow of Yesterday - never really played this when it came out
    5) Undying - really curious to see if diceless AW is a thing I can enjoy plus I still heart Vampire.

    - Colin
  • That offer isn't restricted to thadrine or Marhault... if anyone wants to try Puppetland, Polaris, or Kagematsu, hit me up.
    I'd offer The Mountain Witch, but it's not something I can get to a conclusion in a single session over the web. Maybe three or four. (I'm still up for that, but I felt I should qualify it first.)
  • I've actually knocked a bunch of stuff off my list recently as well I think now it stands as:

    1) Human Contact (the whole thing, not just a one-shot)
    2) Burning Empires
    3) The Quiet Year
    4) Tenra (this would be higher but I expect to knock it off soon :))
    5) Shadow of Yesterday

    If any of you people with Montsegur 1244 on your list are in the Maryland area (or coming to Camp Nerdly) hit me up.
  • My gaming agenda had to shift 180 since moving, so I'm fully prepared to only knock one or two things off this list during the year -

    Burning Wheel Gold
    The Quiet Year
  • Itras By
    Dog Eat Dog
    Remember Tomorrow
  • 1. Tenra Bansho Zero
    2. Monster of the Week
    3. Hollowpoint
    4. Dresden Files (with a Fate Core game second)
    5. The One Ring
  • 1. The Maroons
    2. ViewScream
    3. My Life With Master
    4. Gallant
    5. Lodestar (Beta Edition)
  • 1. Diaspora
    2. Night's Black Agents
    3. The Fantasy Trip
    4. Cortex Plus
    5. Pendragon
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