Maximum Patrol size in Mouse Guard?

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Good day to you brainboxes!

I'm running two patrols in MG, both with 4 mice. It is difficult organising the sessions around real life as quite often not all patrol members can make a session. I realise there are rules for players missing a session but in order to ensure there are always enough players to play on a given date I am thinking of merging the two patrols (so there will always be at least 3-5 mice in the patrol).

My questions are these:

a) Would you recommend a maximum patrol size? (on some occasions all 8 players could show).

b) How would you handle the story arc when players are dropping in and out? (There is a mouse cult which is slowly trying to infiltrate and subvert Lockhaven. Players who regularly miss sessions may not appreciate the underlying plot).

Thank you in advance, o' wise ones.


  • The game is supposed to run with a maximum of 5 mice. More really breaks the game i think. 3 works the best in my opinion.
  • 3 is best. For 4 mice, it's usually better to split into two groups of 2 for scripting (or, sometimes, 3 and 1), which can be more complex. 5 is a 2 and 3 split, which is not much harder than 4, but more mice means more divided attention. 6 mice is two groups of 3, which sounds ideal, but again, more mice means more strained GM attention. I don't think I'd ever try more than 6, for any reason.
  • Thanks lads, your answers are appreciated.
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