[Tenra Bansho Zero] Fate Mechanics - TBZ and Don Henley

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I am reading over the rules to the excellent Tenra Bansho Zero and trying to grok the Fate mechanics and turning into a Asura. Then, as it so often does, 80's music showed up and set me right. The basic idea of becoming an Asura is contained in a verse from 'New York Minute' by Don Henley (emphasis mine):

"He had a home
The love of a girl
But men get lost sometimes
As years unfurl
One day he crossed some line
And he was too much in this world
But I guess it doesn't matter anymore"

Submitted for those others who might need to understand the switch over to Asura...

By the way, Andy, this game is gonna rock on toast. When will it be available for non-Kickstarters? I have some friends I have been rattling the katana at that are looking to pick it up as well.


  • Mereb the Wizard: D... D... Dan Henri~? Majissuka? Iya, un... unnnnn... settoryoku arunkedo, ne? un... un... iya, ma... sore de ii. Un. Ok. (nods)

    I tend to use Star Wars/Vader metaphors. Another great one is Fist of the North Star, for maniacs like me who remember the character of "Souther"; the man who loved his master so much that, upon his death, turned the area into a ruthless totalitarian society, sealing away his human emotions, in order to enslave the people to force them to build a giant pyramid-thing dedicated to his master.

    Like most characters in this style, he too has a "gets 'killed', but right before he dies in his enemy's arms he recovers his humanity, gives a little spiel about how he was wrong, then explodes*"
    * In the case of Fist of the North Star, this can be "double-explodes"

    Thanks! Re availability, I'll be creating a pre-order portal and finishing it up this weekend for the people who haven't participated in the Kickstarter*. Thanks to Nathan Paoletta's recommendation, I have a webstore that I'm currently filling out and prepping to go live.


    * A couple notes:
    -- The kickstarter folks will get their books before pre-order or order folks.
    -- I'll be opening up the site to allow KS backers to "increase their order" if they wanted.
    -- While I'll have plenty of extra dice, I'll have to wait a few months until all KS backers are fulfilled to see exactly how many I have left to sell. So unfortunately I won't be able to do a book-dice combo for pre-orders. Though I haven't ordered tenugui (hand-cloths) yet, so I might add those.
    -- The kickstarter shipping rates I set were insanely cheap; in fact I'm quite in the red on international orders; I basically determined to subsidize $25 of each intl order, but then shipping internationally just jacked up another $20, meaning that I'm now subsidizing $45 of each intl order. Long story short, the prices for domestic shipping will rise a few bucks, and the prices for intl shipping will be pretty high (probably close to $50 per copy; $60 for two sets etc).
    -- Soon I'll have the PDF-only version (full art, text only PDFs together in a set) available from DriveThruRPG, IndiePressRevolution etc. Currently setting up shop there. ETA: 2 weeks.
  • Thanks for the info, I will pass it along - and likely add to my KS order as well.
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