Goblin Uprising - A Fiasco Playset

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I thought people would enjoy having a goblin playset in their back pocket. genesisoflegend.com/2013/02/goblin-fiasco/


  • I'm interested to hear some AP about this one! Maybe a Trainwreck trilogy with this, Dragon Slayers, and the Gen Con playset?
  • A trainwreck version of that would indeed be amazing and I would love to hear AP of that!

    I ran two session of that last weekend. The first session had two goblins trying to worship Pelor and the first goblin Paladin. Ended about as well as could be expected.
  • I like how you "branded" the Element Types... clever.

    I'm inclined to play it where each player is, in fact, a small clan in a larger tribe, just so that routine death occurs. As in, like, every scene one or more gobbos are snuffed for some silly or sick reason. You know, just as a sort of Special Rule for the playset (more playsets need Special Rules, IMHO...).
  • Boy, you had me just from the title of the thread. What an excellent match; Goblin Fiasco. Then, when I finally opened it up, I get this gem, “What passes for goblin diplomacy” *knee-slap*
  • Thanks for the kind words!
  • Having multiple characters is quite brilliant for Fiasco. This reminds me of Paranoia, try to die in the most interesting and spectacular way.
  • I have this thing stuck in my mind:



    You could probably just play this playset straight, or mix in elements from the wedding playset. I'm not sure what would be best yet. But two goblin tribes, long time rivals, coming together for a brutal celebration of domestic tranquility? Yes please.
  • RE: Goblin Wedding. One Fiasco player is a brave knight "wedding crasher". Think Sir Lancelot from Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail.
  • Yes, I did totally steal that from Paranoia. It seems to fit well.

    There's a reason why I put goblin romance in there. We actually _did_ have a goblin wedding in the last session with that playset, though admittedly the goblin being married was oblivious about it.
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