[Enter the Shadowside] Interested in a free playtest copy?

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Enter the Shadowside is currently undergoing a second edition, and we would love your help!

Enter the Shadowside is a game of occult conspiracy. Characters are often normal people who investigate mysteries and creepy online stories. These lead to an alternate reality known as the Shadowside, which is part dream, part imagination, part afterlife, and part nightmare. Yet the Shadowside is the other half of reality, inexplicably linked as two sides of the same coin. When characters return to the normal world they can join with spirits and entities to become something more powerful than mortal. Heirogamy: one body, two spirits. Allowing the spirit a chance to experience life again and resist the dissolving tides of the spirit world, and allowing the mortal to gain supernatural powers. Then there are secret societies that fight to control the world or destroy it, drafting their best from those in Heirogamy.

The creator has set up a Share the Game for a look at how the game plays. As well, the Shadowside subreddit and our new Play by Post website are open for discussion and new players. See, we have a philosophy about open gaming. Enter the Shadowside exists under an open canon agreement, listed at the back of the core book. Anyone who wishes to make anything for the game can do so at no cost. The creator gets to declare whether it's official canon or not, but that's it. It's a community effort.

Right now, we're busy at work to upgrade the current edition to a much prettier and far more expansive book. It's undergoing layout design changes and filling with content. This is where you come in!

If you would like to playtest this with your friends and report results, not only will we make sure your data and opinions go towards the new edition but you'll immediately get a free copy of the current book for free. That's right! Limited time free copies of the Enter the Shadowside core book. The only catch is that you have to actually play it and report back results. Email Blacksmith@fableforge.org under the title "Playtest Copy for Enter the Shadowside Revisions" and you'll receive a code to download the book. As well as a one page sheet outlining what changes will be happening between editions!

If you have any questions, email slkoch@fableforge.org or Blacksmith@fableforge.org for more info.

I'd love to hear any ideas, comments, opinions, or anything else from you guys!


S L Koch


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    You know, you guys are free to ask questions, say hi, or tell me to shut the hell up. I think it's the 125 views and sheer lack of conversation that scares me the most. Even the shunned are yelled at lol.

    It's cool though. This was just an offer. No worries. Enjoy your New Years.

  • I like the concept of a resolution system that uses geometry (the ladder), although I believe you could have pushed this even further, maybe finding a way to do away with the dice rolls.

    Do you have rules that deal with the compact between humans and shadowside entities?
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    There's a lot of loose wiggle room. Basically the characters enter into a bonded contract of sorts. Some groups make it a consensual marriage. Other groups force the younger generation to be unwillingly ridden by their elder spirits, like possession. Most either make a verbal agreement with the entity to take them back to reality, or get a stow away like the end of the Haunted Mansion ride.

    If they ever get split apart violently, like in the case of death, they spiral into negative emotions. But I've seen some games where the spirits cannot undo the bond and I've seen other games where a spirit willingly left the host to save someone's life. It's mostly up to storyhost discretion.
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