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So, I am finishing up one of my designs and I am trying to grapple with the question on how to effectively demo a game and write up tutorial-type content. I know there are some excellent examples of this kind of thing in the Video Game realm, and Board Games do a great job of this kind of thing.

Have any of you seen particularly good demo/tutorial material for an RPG? Any advice on where I could get started? This would both be for the selling-at-the-booth type experience, and as printed materials for FLGS's.


  • The "Slave Pits of Drazu" (sp?) scenario for DW, which is designed for 2-hour games with new players, seems to do a good job of this. It has some good GM instructions on how to get started and how to pace the game. The DW book also has an appendix with suggestions on how to teach the game to new players.

    I also remember some nice premade character sheets (cards really) for Old School Hack, also designed to get a demo game started really quickly.

    If you mean something less active, that doesn't require an already-experienced GM, take a look at the tutorial book in the D&D 4e Red Box. It uses a choose-your-own-adventure format to guide newbies through character creation and a short combat scene. Very well done. (I'm told the Pathfinder box set has something similar.) I'd love to see more tutorials like that.
  • *nods* True, I really should grab the Pathfinder Beginner's Box, since it is reputed to be quite good on that front. I know that the choose-your-own adventure intro in the Lamentations of the Flame Princess set is pretty good as well.

    Really, I want to figure out a way to give a written script that will teach existing gamers how to play my game, by teaching them the very basics in a few minutes.
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    Oh yeah: also look at Capes Lite. It's a free downloadable intro to Capes, and it first explains the more unusual concepts to the reader (in sections like "Where's the GM?" and "I hit him ... What do you mean 'why do you hit him?'"), and then guides the reader through teaching the game to other players step by step during play. The second part includes example narration to the other players, like:
    You'll need a Persona, so when these get to you pick one and pass them on. Pick up the personae and pass them to your right. And you'll need either super-powers or some mundane skills, so pick one and pass them on. Pick up the powers and skills, and pass them to your left. Let's get those around the table quickly, and then I'll show you how to combine them and fill them in.
    I haven't ever tried this, or even played Capes, but it's kind of a weird ruleset so it's great that it goes to so much effort to help out new players.
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    Sebastian Hickey's Hell for Leather had amazing video previews.

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