Y'know what, Andy?

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Thank you.

I was a little skeptical at first, but all manner of recent things have emphasized to me how well this experiment of yours has worked out.

So thank you for taking the time and effort to make this happen. You rock.

-Rob D.


  • Andy's rocking is of a magnitude that cannot be measured even by Earth's best deep-core drillers, commanded by Bruce Willis himself.

    This is my new favorite web forum. Thank you thank you.
  • Exploding high TEN.

    (with dinosaurs)

  • Andy once wrestled Chuck Norris to the ground while serving tea to the Queen. Didn't spill a goddamn drop, I tell you.
  • I heard that the idea for this forum came to Andy after he recited 108 cycles of 108 repititions of the Nembutsu every day while eating nothing but sesame tofu and mountain vegetables in a remote temple on a Japanese mountainside.
  • That sesame tofu can give you some pretty trippy ideas.

    (This has turned out to be a very awesome tofu-trip idea.)
  • Hey all: Sorry about not posting lately myself, I'm in the middle of three days of "binge training" doing breakfixes on computers and the like, so I haven't had enough time to post lately.

    But anyway, it's all you guys that rock.

    I was a little skeptical at first
    Holy shit me too. I figured the following would kill this place:
    1) Everyone going, "Oh, nice", posting once then leaving.
    2) Lines in the sand drawn elsewhere (ie Forge Theory vs Fuck Forge Theory) being brought into town here.
    3) Melodrama, flamewars and/or high moderation requirements.

    All the above hasn't happened. Surprising as hell, actually. Since I built this place I found myself going other places less and less, having been able to somehow create a community of some pretty interesting conversation here, with participants from all walks of life.

    Overall, aside from some Forum weirdness that it took a little bit to get used to (namely that I find myself compelled to read ALL threads at times, even ones that don't interest me: It's that dark yellow/light yellow bar thing), I'm digging the software too.

    But the folks here made this place rock. The experiment will continue on for a few more months, and we'll keep an eye on it, see how we're doing then. Every day with peace in this gaming zen garden is another possibility of the permanent existence of this community.


    ps, one thing that I've been missing is that I haven't been creating far more "fun threads", just the light sillyness where you talk about games you like, own, collect, play, compare them to alcohol, etc. (^.^)
  • What the Forge lacks is a real sense of community. There's no place to, like, be human there. We can't have fun, post off topic, fart, revive old threads, and soon we won't be able to discuss anything outside the narrow foci of actual play or publishing. That's all well and good for advancing indie games, but it won't build a community.

    I suspect Forge community exists mostly outside of the forums. It exists because Forge people hook up at cons, exchange emails, chat online in email and IMs, and hang out at each others' houses when possible. It ain't cuz of the Forge forums. Most of the time that someone tried to use a thread to organize a RL get-together, Ron told them to find another place to continue the talk.

    In a few short weeks, Story Games has created a virtual community. We are gamers and game designers. We have fun.
  • Hey, I just realised that I could log in so let me just make a very lame first post and say ... what everyone else said!

  • I be loving these boards, myself. They're a bit foreign, and I find myself often contributing to conversation and wondering (not enough for discomfort, just a little) if what I just put in to conversation was even close to as interesting / funny / helpful as others.

    ...This may sound a bit odd, but I dig the place partly because I find myself in company good enough that I want to better than I usually do.
  • Nice place, Andy.

    Thanks and rock on.
  • Buncha ass-kissers! Ya'll can just put yer lips away and clean yer noses. It's not gonna do you any good.

    Cuz Andy likes me best.



  • *points and Eric and laughs*

    We all know Andy likes -me- best because Yuki likes me too. And we all know that what the kitty likes, is law.


    Lisa P
  • I hate the drapes.

    And it still smells like cabbage in here.

    (But hey, the beer is free.)

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    What works best for me in these forums vi a vis The Forge is that I can ask general, non-game-specific, questions as a player, not a designer (which I'm not, at least for now). As someone who is just dipping his toe into the ocean of story-games, that's invaluable.

    Zen on, Andy!

    [EDIT: fixed my French]
  • The Livejournal feed helps me remember this forum is here and thriving, inspiring me to come over and see what's up, and maybe even post a little. Kudos. Good idea, elegantly implemented.
  • It's like snakes on a plane, except awesome on a forum. You know what I mean.....
  • I'd already thought that the Diaspora was great because I felt I was getting much more in personal touch with people on their blogs. This is a continuation of that more personal trend, and I'm really enjoying it.

  • I agree-- this place is very cool. Thanks.
  • I'm still mostly lurking and absorbing, with an occasional finger in non-substantive discussion just to say hello, but I wanted to say that I'm finding the breadth of topics and adventurous, friendly spirit very, very remarkable and awesome. Thanks for setting this up, Andy.
  • I like it a lot. I'd like it more if I could reach kitkowski by email...
  • Hey dude- my email addy is on my profile page.

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