[The Quiet Year] Solo-game "Hold a Discussion" thread!

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Post your Hold a Discussion actions here when you're flying solo, and we'll all contribute!

Cap discussions at one leading question/declaration and three replies, then the original discussion holder can come back and weigh in. I have no idea what the best labeling convention would be, but I'll give it a shot. Let's see if this works.

[Hold a Discussion A]
Should we retaliate against the bikers?

[Reply A.1]
No. We have to avoid provoking them; they took what they want, maybe they'll let us be now.

[Reply A.2]
Yes. We have the guns now, and we can't let people think they can bully us freely.
If we make it through the alphabet, loop back to AA, BB, CC, and so on.

edit: Oh, and try and be a little more descriptive of the situation you're discussing than you might be at the table with the map in front of you. We're jumping into your discussions head-first without much knowledge, so keep that in mind.


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    [Hold a Discussion A]
    Should we investigate the smoke coming from the forest across the river?

    (Scarcities: Air. Abundances: Timber. Names: none Projects: Build a bridge, 1 week. Synopsis: My community is built into a cave without adequate airflow, so cooking and similar activities have to happen outside in the open. There's a river nearby, and a forest grows on both sides, though only in one concentrated grove on the far bank. The smoke is coming from that grove. We dug up an unpowered robot last week, but haven't done anything with it yet.)
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    [Reply A.1]
    Absolutely. If there are other people, perhaps they could help our need for [one of your scarcities], or they could need our help.
    EDIT: Aaah, okay. Let's see... "We must. Should the smoke spread to the cave we'll all suffocate - we must ensure that won't happen."

    That should fit a little better.
  • [Reply A.2]
    No way. We've faced too much hardship to seek out more for ourselves.
  • [Reply A.3]
    If it seems uncontrolled, we should go put it out. If it seems like another encampment, we should leave well-enough alone.
  • [Reply A.4]
    Crossing the river before the bridge is completed and before we know what the smoke is may be too risky. Let's wait and see what happens.
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    [Hold a Discussion B]
    Foul weather has blown out our bridge. We shouldn't rebuild; we should learn from the Horned Folk how to build boats and docks. It's a better use of our timber, and better for defense.

    Scarcities: Air, Safety. Abundances: Timber, Community. Names: Fix, horned man. Ali, digger. Jace, elder. Projects: Hold a communion summit with the Horned Folk of the Stilted Village, 1 week. Activate the robot, 4 weeks.

    Synopsis: Thunderstorms blew out our bridge. Bone dogs have appeared in the northern forest, with tails like daggers and teeth like needles. We found Horned Folk living in the grove; their campfires are the source of the smoke we saw. There is a body of water in the upper right corner of the map, polluted with oil.
  • [reply B.1]
    The river is a natural defensive line and the bridge goes both ways. We have plenty of timber for the project but it's unsafe to have it there at all.
  • [reply B.2]

    Outsiders are not to be trusted. We should focus on perfecting what we know, not begging for new knowledge from the Horned Folk.
  • [reply B.3]
    We should learn what we can, provided that learning doesn't have a hidden price attached to it.
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