South Bay Story Games Day V: From Dust

Friends, countryfolk, South Bay residents in particular:

I'm trying to put together another story games day at Game Kastle in Santa Clara, and I need to figure out what date works best for people. Right now I'm thinking either the 24th (or 25th if Sundays work better for you) of November or the 1st (or 2nd) of December, but it would be great to get suggestions from interested parties.

Historically we've shown up in the morning for a short slot (11am to 230pm or something) and then reconvened after lunch to play a longer game (330pm to 9pm). That works pretty well, I think. Maybe there's another way people would like the day to be organized; let us know! We've had both structured and unstructured events, and I think both ways work out well given enough interest.

Previous events have been pretty successful (although it's been almost a year since we last met!), and after Big Bad Con this year, I met a few more Bay Area friends that I'd love to play with again ASAP. So let's do this! Once we nail down a date, I'll put up a sign-up sheet and give the store a call to make the arrangements.


  • I'm totally in for this. Both dates work for me.
  • I'll keep discussion open until Sunday, and then figure out a date and get it set up.
  • Any of Nov 24, Nov 25, Dec 1, or Dec 2 are good for me.

    Want to play: Fiasco

    Want to run: 1001 Nights, Monsters and Other Childish Things, Monsterhearts, In a Wicked Age
  • Yes! I was just wondering about something like this.

    Of the two dates given, December 1/2 would be preferable for me. The short/long game split sounds interesting!
  • 11/25 works best for me!
  • My schedule is up in the air, week to week, but currently the 24th and the 1st are full up for me, while I should be able to request off for the 25th or 2nd.

    My girlfriend's plans for thanksgiving could very well VETO ALL THAT I DO.
  • Make her come! Hire a doppelganger. Single combat. Whatever man; just come play with us! :D
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    I'm tentatively available on any of those days. Will follow with keen interest, can help any way you think appropriate, will show up with games if possible. I totally want more Monsterhearts in my life, preferably in a non-GM role but I'm metarole-flexible.

    (sorry about falling off the face of the earth... my job has caught a serious case of the international travels lately)
  • No problem Colin. My last job routinely had me going to Korea with maybe 48 hours' notice, so I know how much that screws with real life. :D
  • I'd be happy to come down and run Monsterhearts in the afternoon slot on any of those days.
  • Okay, to avoid any Thanksgiving-related chaos, let's do 2 December. I'll get in touch with the store this week and then get a sign-up sheet going on the Google docs, or drive, or whatever the hell it's called now.

    Everyone cool with that?
  • Yeah! I am glad this is happening. You should totally take Carl up on his offer. :)
  • Oh I definitely will. I'll post a new thread with the sign-up sheet linked in a few days. Now that we can @ people, I'll call everyone in this thread out. :)
  • I'm planning to come, and I'll be bringing Golden Sky Stories and maybe some other stuff. December 2nd would be ideal for me. :3
  • Count me in, as a player! I live right down the street.
  • I can do Sunday 12/2, sure.
  • I'd run Hillfolk in the afternoon slot.
  • I'd run Hillfolk in the afternoon slot.
  • Sweet, bangin', I'll call the store tomorrow and set it up. Sign-ups should be up this weekend!
  • Okay, well, I talked to people at the store and they told me to submit a request online, which I've now done. As soon as I hear from them, you'll here from me! I asked for Sunday 2 December from 11am to 9pm. Hang tight!
  • Look look look I did it! We're pretty much set; working out a few minor details and getting the sign up sheet live. Except to see it tonight around 10!

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