Bored? Let's drum up a PbP game

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Hey. I'm on a week (month?) of creative abstinence, where I can only play and not design. I'm doing this mainly because I spend a disproportionate amount of time designing or planning games rather than playing them, and my creative well has dried up accordingly. With the "how about play!" vibe that this place began with, I thought you guys could jibe with that.

So how about it? I thought we could run a short game here to try and get my juices flowing again. Hell, maybe you're in a similar situation as I am.


  • I'm in if you'll have me. I'm stuck at work for ten hours a day, five or six days a week with no design tools available so I can't work on my projects.
  • Great! Any stuff you've been dying to run/play?
  • I dunno, I'm easy. Just to throw something out there I've been fiending for, I'd love to do a Breaking Bad game via the AW system, but that probably deserves a hack of its own.
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    I dunno about Breaking Bad, but why not take Joe's Simple World for a spin?

    On an entirely different note, I've got a few semi-complete designs that never got playtested. The two that come to mind is A Gun, A Dame, A Window ( a shared-GM hardboiled mystery game from TomasHVM's "effective game text" thread) and an old Adventure Time hack of Keep it Sunny (Joe Mcdaldno's Always Sunny in Philadelphia game).

    And finally, I've still never played Lady Blackbird or Primetime Adventures (gotta track down my copy...)
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    I'd be interested in the Gun/Dame/Window maybe. Got any docs for it? Not so much into Adventure Time, but Keep It Sunny is brilliant. And yes, Simple World is a great way to do modern AW.
  • Comes up as a blank document?
  • Scroll down. No, I don't know how that happened.
  • I think I'd be interested in joining depending on what you play. The Gun/Dame/Window sounds fun (I love mysteries). I am not much of an Adventure Time fan but a Sunny RPG sounds incredible.
  • Seems blank.
    +1 for Keep it Sunny.
    +1,000,000,000 if I can be Charlie!

  • I've never really been keen on Always Sunny in Philadelphia, as it tends to reach pretty sickening lows. If that's really what you guys are game for, could we maybe tone down the black humor, or would that defeat the entire point of the game? If that's not kosher, I'd like to keep the suggestions going.

    I've kind of wanted to use SW to run a sans-serial numbers Scott Pilgrim game for a while. Thoughts?
  • That would almost certainly render the game pointless. How about The Final Girl?
  • Eh. Lets make it easy. How about World of Mutants?
  • I'm just going to admit outright that I don't really do dark stuff. If I've made an appearance to the contrary I genuinely apologize. While I do my best to be open to other's interests, I really honestly do not like shock, grit, or horror of any kind.

    Which is to say, if that's really what you guys want, I'm all for it! But my vote is nay :/

    As yet another suggestion, Dragon World seems to be coming along pretty nicely.
  • Gamma world is more gonzo than dark usually. Raccoon people, robots, plant people, cyborgs, four armed wasteland warriors, that sort of thing.
  • Oh, and world of mutants seems interesting, though I'm not crazy about it.
  • Oh, jeez, I just got ninja'd twice by the same guy.
  • I'd definitely be up for WoM. I would certainly consider Dragon World as well.
  • Second vote for Final Girl. I like the detective one, too!
  • Have at it, peeps. I think we have differing interests. Good luck! :)
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    I'm game for games. Lady B, Primetime, Archipelago, In A Wicked Age, or Wicked Archipelago could be fun. Playtesting an unfinished game is cool too.
    I'd be interested in trying for a deliberately short AW game, if that's possible. Like AW with a very strong setting and build in time constraints to the situation, so the characters are forced to go after their goals very aggressively. Although a lot of the great stuff in AW is built through long term play, so maybe not.

    I'd say that a game contained to 3 or 4 sessions max is important. By that point the chance of a pbp game falling apart becomes very high.

    Edit: Also, this is the kind of conversation that could maybe move to G+, if people are cool with that.
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