[Dungeon World/Burning Wheel] Using Thelons Rift for a One-Shot

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next Thursday i will (maybe) be running a Dungeon World One Shot. Since i don't have a typical dungeon adventure lying around and not much time to read one i was thinking of using Thelons Rift from the Burning Wheel Adventure Burner.
Can someone with more experience offer me advice on how to do this. What should i look out for and what should i change.


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    The DW appendix on Adventure Conversion is extremely useful!
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    I really like the One Page Dungeon Contest 2012 winners. I used Dale Horstman's The Monastery at Dor Amon and it was a blast.

    Aaaand I didn't answer your question or even address it. I'm sorry that was thoughtless.
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    Any idea on what to do with Thelons Orb (it tries to mind control you)

    I was thinking of something like

    When you pick up the Orb roll+Wis
    On a hit you don't get mind controlled for now. On a 10+ choose two on a 7-9 choose 1
    * Carry 1 forward for dealing with magicky stuff
    * You learn a secret
  • Thelon's Rift is a good place to start but might be a bit more filled-in than the usual Dungeon World adventure can be. That said, you can look at what the Rift gives you and then find the empty spaces - the world around it, for example, and the reasons the PCs are there. Make a Front and create some urgency (the Rift is pretty agency-free as-written, it's just sort of there to be plundered) around it and then ask the PCs during chargen what they are doing there, what brought them to this place and what might happen if they fail in their goals.
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