[List] Small town events for 1920's Texas

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I need this list for reasons. I've done some research and come up with some I really like, but I need bunches more.

*New Sheriff in Town
*Harvest festival
*Wedding of the Mayor’s daughter
*Ice cream social
*Daughters of the Confederacy dance
*Sadie Hawkins dance
*May Day parade
*Grand Opening of the new General Store
*Reenactment of a famous battle
*Church pancake breakfast
*Fish fry
*Spaghetti dinner
*The driving of the final spike in the town’s rail line
*Reading of the town’s poet "laureate"
*Miss Yellow Rose Pageant
*Drilling of the town’s first oil well
*The Cattle Barons’ Ball
*Annual Rodeo
*The Mighty Haag Travelling Circus
* Tri-County Carnival
*The Texas League baseball championship game
*Town wide chili cook-off


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    Big Tent Revival
    Boxing match(es)
    Labor Strike (http://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/oes02)
    Famous person passes through town. (All sorts of events from this one.)
    Popular movie playing in the cinema. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_1920s_movies#List_of_films)
    Rattlesnake hunt
    Drought town meeting

    (Actually, you might go through an episode list of Lassie or something like that and see what springs up.)
  • Clean up after tornado
    Day of mayoral election
    Crack down on the town's only illegal speakeasy/moonshine distillery
    Founders' Day parade
    Annual holiday (Christmas, Halloween, Independence Day) festival
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    Shotgun wedding
    Grass fire
    Prison crew widens the road for automobiles
  • Prohibition takes effect.
  • A famous Aviator passes overhead or even lands in the town.
    The sale of new motorized farming equipment gathers a crowd
    The farms around town are getting electrified
    People gather around the radio to listen to an event of great interest or just an entertaining radio show
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    Klan rally featuring the Mayor, Sheriff and a district court judge as speakers
    Somebody and their mule are struck by lightning

  • A murderous criminal on the lam from his very public crimes in Louisiana arrives and hides out in a local hotel or boarding house.

    ( I can think of one actual case involving this and one supposed case. The actual case involved a cajun butcher named Joseph Moity who hacked up his wife and sister in law and stuffed their bodies in trunks and then skipped town when the NOPD became involved. The supposed one was when a serial killer known as the Demon Axe-Man of New Orleans, who loved jazz and killed Iitalian grocers and their families with their own wood axes, suddenly stopped killing locally circa 1919).
  • Yeah the Axeman of New Orleans has his own Wikipedia page and jazz tune.
  • Ex-slave and Civil War vet in his twilight years comes back to town to confront the family of his former master
  • First automobile in town
    First electricity line in town
    Soldier returning from Europe after WWI
    Fallout from the Oklahoma "Osage Reign of Terror"

  • You folks are good. These are all going on the list! Anyone got any others?
  • What is it for?
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    Find a chart depicting all cuts of beef, roll d20, add 'festival' to result.
  • Bank robbery
    'Eccentric' elderly townsperson finally transitions to full-blown dementia
    New parson/preacher/reverend at the church
    Funeral for beloved/loathed townsperson
    Huge-ass storm blows through and does some damage
  • What is it for?
    Joe, not to be cagey, but... I don't want to say. I'm trying to do the "actions louder than words" thing so I'm shutting my pie hole.

  • Klan rally featuring the Mayor, Sheriff and a district court judge as speakers
    Somebody and their mule are struck by lightning

    Ah, much love, Morningstar.

  • A bigwig gets a shiny new car.
    A small wig gets a shiny new car.
    Insects (boll weevils) destroy a local crop (cotton).
    Tractor racing.
    A influx of Mexican laborers displaces the local black and white tenant farmers.
    An uppity labor union Communist rabble rouser comes to rouse some rabble.
  • The local girl or boy who became a star in the big city returns for a visit.
    Competition with the rival neighbouring town gets out of hand. (Government grants might be at hand or just the big game)
    Government Agents are in town. What do they want?
    Gangsters from a big city are in town. What do they want?
    Candidates for the post of mayor try to outdo one another with events catering to women voters.
    The former saloon is auctioned of. The owner can't keep it going under Prohibition and needs the money.
    A man from the radio is recording local folk songs.
    Hobos are building a jungle outside the town.
    An old west hero is coming to town giving interviews and free meals from his old day fame.
    A local has won the great lottery and is suddenly the richest man in town.
  • Newly rich stock market speculator buys a ranch house just outside town and moves in with his gorgeous wastrel flapper wife who gets bored stiff about a week in.
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