[Rolling Intentions Podcast] The Burning Wheel (Revised) - Character Creation (AP)

edited October 2012 in Directed Promotion
Conrad, Megan and Brogan make characters for the game Burning Wheel. The pitch is a boy is about to burned at a stake for practicing witchcraft and a mage guild has come to put a stop to this madness. A king who cares about himself and greed. A wizard who threatens the balance of the kingdom if he should turn rogue.

Character concepts change as the characters are fleshed out more and more. A knight lord, an apprentice mage and a ex-slave pickpocket are brought into the spotlight. Three fates bound to each other with only darkness approaching. Welcome to Devinshire.

Podcast Link: http://rpgbg.blogspot.ca/2012/10/actual-play-burning-wheel-character.html

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