Wild Strawberries

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Free RPG by the Giulia Barbano (she's brilliant) and Luca Ricci.

Inspired by the Bergman movie, Wild Strawberries.

Download free PDF / ePub / mobi here: http://screamingcats.wordpress.com/wild-strawberries/

Quick read, only 8 pages.



  • Ingmar Bergman RPG - my mind is blown. Have you played this yet?
  • I haven't played yet but hope to soon. If anyone plays, let us know how it goes!
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    It's kinda funny. I've listened to the Nordnordost podcast where Guilia and Wilhelm talked about how he made a game that takes place in Italy (Daughters of Verona) and how it's basically the Swedish view on Italians (OK, it's a little bit more complicated than that), and now she's produced a Italian game based on a Swedish movie. A smile just appeared on my face. ^^
  • I really like the concepts and structure of this. Now if only I can find a few other people who also like it, I'll be in business.
  • This might be a job for Metatopia? Or maybe downtime at Burning Con?
  • @Rickard, I think Wilhelm and I discussed the game during the interview. I remember suggesting him to check the movie out. But it might have been one of the 90 minutes that didn't make it in the final cut!
  • (Luca Ricci is also brilliant)
  • (so is Jason Morningstar)
  • Downtime at Burning Con? I would be up for that for sure. I've already got it printed!
  • I am anxiously awaiting Scenes from a Marriage.
  • or Winter Light.
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