Need a Halloween Party Game

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Suggestions urgently needed!

Ideally I'd like something almost as easy to learn and nerd-friendly as Werewolf, but a bit more narratively structured, and flexible as to number of participants (there could be anywhere from half a dozen to maybe fifteen). The crowd is a mixture of game-shy but suggestible academics and game-savvy college students. Asking folks to do a little advance preparation would be OK, but preferably maybe a bit less than your standard How To Host A Murder-type mystery games. We had some success a couple of years ago with a Parlor Larp, but it was perhaps just a wee bit too intense.


  • I'd say grab Dread House and have it ready for if the party is small. It only handles 6, but I would think it would be amusing for 1-2 observers to watch. And it lasts 90 minutes. So it might be good if you're expecting people to be super not-prompt. As people trickle in, they can watch the conclusion, and then you can play a second thing later.
  • One option might be to do multiple games of Murderous Ghosts in parallel, like speed dating where people swap partners after each short game.

    Another idea, that doesn't split the party, is to use one or more of the Parsely games. I think Pumpkin Town, Spooky Manor and Z-Ward would all be thematically appropriate?
  • All of these look like fun, but none of them really adapts to a group of the size I mentioned, except perhaps for some of Elin's lovely "Chamber Larps" - and as fun as these look, I think the noobs in attendance would probably be better of with just a little more structure. Ultimate Werewolf would have been just about perfect, except for the fact that it's the game I ran last year. :)

    Any other brainwaves?
  • Lordgoon: Check the other camber larps, not just the instant larp ones?
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    It is my understanding that the Parsely games are often played with large groups, actually.

    Also, now that I think of it I remember reading about Meguey Baker running an audience participation game of Murderous Ghosts with large crowds at Connecticon and PAX this year.

    I'm sure there are best practices to making something like that a success that I'm not privy to, but those options seem like good ones for a shared experience with a mixed crowd of gamers and "story game stars yet to be born".

    I look forward to hearing more, though!
  • Brother, The Final Girl is easy peasy. Also, it plays well with large groups, and hey, it's fun to figure out creative ways for the characters to be murdered by the Killer!
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