I was the Last Man On Earth

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I was the Last Man On Earth;
surrounded by women.

It's not as sexy as it sounds.

I played a Nordic event called Mad About the Boy. It's like interactive improv theater in a fully immersive environment similar to Sleep No More.

A global disaster kills half of humanity; all men are gone.

The surviving women face rebuilding society. Our story follows a group of women who have applied to an insemination program initiated three years after the disaster. As sperm has become a limited resource, only a few women will be given this privilege.

Then things go very wrong.

Several organizers and directors flew in from Norway and Sweden to facilitate the event with Lizzie Stark who organized everything with my friend Ajit and a few others.

The Nordic style focuses on participants portraying flawed human characters open to tragedy and suffering as well as happiness, living in a reality similar to our own, save for the absence of men. This is an event where you very much play to lose.

This isn't a game.

You can't win.

But you will feel.

The game was about:
- loss
- power (formalized and forced authority)
- women's past relationships to men
- bigotry towards religious people
- sex
- birth
- survival
- who is in charge when those in charge are removed (not men)
- women oppressing other women
- women working with women
- freedom
- choice

At some point I was nearly naked, covered in blood, surrounded by 30 women, freezing, and alone.

This was incredibly hard.
And that's why I did it


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    On G+ I posted exhaustive and personal details on my experience in a micro blogging format (over 200 micro comments).

    On Facebook I posted pictures.
  • But my participation and perspective is only 5% of the experience. It's a tiny part of what happened.

    I'm hoping we will see posts by female players soon.
  • Terry breaks down Nordic LARP techniques here:


    You have to be in her circles to see. I can Plus you.
  • Sounds intense and amazing, John.
  • Don, it totally was.
  • John,

    Amazing! I'm floored.
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    Thanks Paul, I'm still recovering!
  • It was a great game. John took on a crazy challenging role and shredded.
  • Some parts of me envy your experience, John.
    Other parts of me say: "That would've been nuts!"
  • John was amazing. I'm still recovering too!
  • Hey John!
    Why would you put yourself through this? I write this without reading anything other then this post.
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    My conscious reasons:

    - I want to grow.
    - I want to experience new things.
    - I was playing a game with some of the most amazing roleplayers I know on the planet assembled in one place.
    - It scared me. When something scares me that I don't can actually hurt me, I try to push myself to do it if it will help me grow.
    - I've been doing more and more public speaking and I figured what's more challenging than being semi naked while roleplaying in front of a lot of people.
    - It will make for a great story.
    - It will make for great memories.
    - I want to start organizing LARPs.
    - I love gaming but I LOVE modern day, real issues, serious topics gaming the most.
    - I'm a hyper extrovert that draws energy from being surrounded by people.

    I suspect my subconscious reasons are far more complicated.
  • Awesome answer, John.
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