[Apocalypse World] Dungeon Crawl in Glorantha

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What would be interesting playbooks for a dungeon crawlish game based around Pavis and the Rubble ? Im considering doing a little AW hack here. I thought about getting the classic D&D archetypes and finding Glorantha cultural/cult analogues for it. Then I would pick the most iconic of those, and then create simple moves. Example:


Heortling Orlanthi cultist (The Thunder);
Dara Happan Antirius cultist (The Sunspear);
Praxian Storm Bull cultist (The Beast)


Pavisite Lambril cultist (The Shadow)
Heortling Eurmal cultist (The Trickster)

What do you guys think ? Any help is appreciated. ;)


  • I think exaggerating/picking the most archetypal characters is a good start. Also think about modeling people of note in the world (Cult leader, Settlement head) rather than the more standard adventurer fare since AW characters start off fairly kick-ass. How will you tie these guys/gals into the world? IMO that is a big question for AW characters.
  • You, sir or madam, are a genius. Would it not be an idea to have God-based moves rather than playbooks? I remember that there were tension between a number of the cults. Or maybe that's what you want...
  • Robb, the idea of modeling the settings occupational archetypes (Cult Leader, Settlement Head, etc) is very cool, but I dont know if its the best one for the (narrower) scope of "Dungeon Crawling around Pavis & The Rubble" that we´re aiming for here.

    Magus, Im male. ;) And I agree, the Hx/relationship mechanic could be really useful for creating tension between members of antagonic cultures and cults in the party (lunars vs orlanthi, pavisites vs praxians, etc).

    About the moves, I was thinking about a loose structure more or less like this:

    - 2 cultural moves (1 trait and 1 charm ?)
    - 2 cult moves (1 minor and 1 major power/spell? )
    - 2 occupational moves

    So, for example...

    The Beast (praxian storm bull warrior).


    - The Peaceful Cut (butchered animal meal healing properties)
    - Raging Bull (acts as a gang during combat)
    - Smell Chaos (sense chaos creatures)
    - Foundchild´s Gift (track animals)
    - Bison Friend (bonus when riding)
    - Will of Waha (hard to kill)

    I didint think about the exact working of each move yet (strong sucess / weak sucess / failure), but I think its a good start. What do you think ? Suggestions ?

    P.S: as a plus, when the players raise in experience and pick moves from other playbooks, it would reinforce the cosmopolitan nature of Pavis and whereabouts. :)
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