Los Angeles gamers?

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Old time RPG player....grew up on Runequest, Cthulu and various more obscure Chaosium games in 80s and early 90s......been reading about newer indie games, gaming theory etc recently and would love to try some of this stuff.....

Anyone in the LA area looking for a player? If you like nice wine I'll supply.....



  • There's a pretty good crowd of story-games folks that show up to Strategicon every Labor Day, President's Day, and Memorial Day weekend.

    Also, there's Nerdly Beach Party nearby.

    Those are good places to meet LA folks from this forum.

    Unfortunatly, September just passed, so it'll be February before the next Strategicon swings around again.

    Also - LA is big. Like kinda huge. Unless you're up for driving an hour+ to play games regularly, you might want to be more specific.
  • Yes.....LA is big..... live on Westside, work in San Fernando Valley, so I guess anywhere within a reasonable distance of those areas could be ok.....

    Where are you based Rob?


  • Strategicon is a great place to find most of us hippy gamers. Which games were you interested in?
  • I'm fairly open to specific games....but particularly interested in something thoughtful and fun....maybe some of the Evil Hat stuff for example....I've only read about and listened to podcasts about these newer 'indie' style games that reflect a personal vision and more sophisticated understanding of game mechanics and actual play etc..... Also love to play test if there are any designers in the area....

  • There's usually quite a bit of FATE at the cons. Of course, Dungeon World has ate up a lot of everyone's brain recently.
  • There's usually quite a bit of FATE at the cons. Of course, Dungeon World has ate up a lot of everyone's brain recently.
    Yeah, true enough. I know Dungeon World has taken up slots that would've been Fate games, at least at OrcCon and Gamex. Gateway, I still ran Atomic Robo playtests, and at OrcCon next year I'll run Atomic Robo non-playtests.

    To be honest, they may not even have been Fate games. They may've been some wacky D&D hack, like Dangers & Dragons or Dungeoncrew, or, I dunno, Dungeonslayers or something. But dammit, Living Dungeon World has been so fun, and was SO FUN at Gateway, it's hard to resist.

    Anyway -- point is, there'll be some of that Evil Hat Fate stuff happening at OrcCon for sure.
  • Do you have a Facebook page? There's a Facebook group that's pretty quiet but is technically for SoCal types to organize things like game days. There's some discussion about doing a game day soon. I can add you to the group if you want.

  • Yeah, what Jesse said.
    I'm out in Redlands and in a monthly Pathfinder game in Upland. (A couple of the players come out from San Pedro.)
    So there are totally gamers around the area.
    I would check out Game Empire and put a note up on the boards there or see what is already posted.
    Also nearbygamers.com (Or something close to that...) is a good resource.
  • I live in San Pedro. I think I might have gamed with those guys in the past.
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