[IaWA / Wicked Archipelago] City-States of Venus

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Venus is a dying world, slowly drying out: there are no longer great rivers or lakes, and it never rains. Great aqueducts transport water to the cities and their farms. The deserts are spreading. City-states and barbarian tribes fight over the control of water sources, often found where there are still jungles and forests.

So hey, I made something. It's a mini-setting and oracle for In a Wicked Age that's basically a product of thinking about why that dude is wearing a helmet and not much more, and playing Wicked Archipelago for the first time (because now I'm stoked to play more, and I want to do it half-naked on Venus).

So here, City-States of Venus. (The names being upside down will totally make sense once you print it and fold it twice, I promise!)


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    Seriously - I LIKE this
  • Glad to hear it!
  • So hey, I made another one. Not with naked people on Venus, though. This time the inspiration is Ellen Kushner's novel Swordspoint, so it's swordplay, political intrigue, love, criminals and scholars bustling about in the City by the Sea:

    A lowly servant, pockets full of bribe money.

    A stout tavern keeper, keeping her hot-headed guests
    out of trouble.

    A back alley chapel, plaster falling off, site for secret

    A protective landlady and her petty criminal tenants.

  • so cool! and IAWA is one of my favorite systems
  • This is frickin excellent.
  • Thanks guys!

    Here's a bonus: affluent people on Venus who have to wear clothes (like high ranking telepaths) wear spider-silk.
  • Aaaand, another one (I promise I'll take a break now). This time it's about moustaches and sausages and the corrupting power of chaos. Potentially at least.

    Crown of the Empire, an oracle for playing in the Imperial capital of Warhammer Fantasy:

    A vindictive pharmacist, wronged by many,
    administering false medicine.

    A fortune in counterfeit coins, promising severe
    punishment to anyone caught using them.

    A small boat, waiting inconspicuously under the
    Eastender bridge.

    The imminent clash of rival Chaos cults.

  • Aaaand, another one (I promise I'll take a break now).
    Oh no, keep them coming.

    This is great stuff and highly appreciated. Thanks!

  • These are magnificent! Makes me wish I could fit in more IAWA (and try IAWArch)
  • There'll probably be more (can't trust any of you to make one for Blue Rose-style romantic fantasy, can I?), but not at this rate. I hope I'll get a chance to give them a spin at the table soon!
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    I've just printed all three of these oracles out to offer at Kapcon in two weeks. They look great! (Plus, Wicked Archipelago is a new favourite in the Wellington gaming community.)
  • Nice to hear! Hope they'll see some use.
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    Cöme on baby, join The Cult

    The owners boys act most cheerfully, back home at Conry’s bar.

    Down in the garden district where the plants grow strong and tall, behind the bush there lurks a girl.

    Beware the limping cat whose black teeth grip between loose jaws.

    I’d like to pick your brains, capture you, inject you, leave you kneeling in the rain.

    So I made another oracle. This time it's compiled from lines of Blue Öyster Cult songs. As an oracle it's rather vague and might need some extra support in making stuff up at the table or drawing an extra card or two, but there's some really excellent, vivid and freaky imagery in those lines. If you need some weird and occult inspiration, this might serve you well.

    Here's The Cult.
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