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Hey all,

My somewhat lengthy playtest review of Other Worlds is up at RPG.net today. Short verdict is: fun, rules-light game applicable to all genres. Sort of like a more accessible version of Heroquest. Recommended.


  • Thanks for the kind words and detailed analysis Blake!

    Here's a direct link to the review for those interested: rpg.net/reviews/archive/15/15699.phtml
  • You're very welcome. We're something like 16 sessions in, and just had our first PC death this week, after an epic fight that saw him spending 5 or 6 Spotlight Points. A big part of this outcome was his refusal to concede the conflict or accept any of the permanent consequences we brainstormed. On the other hand, he had a ton of supporting characters that represented his character's family, so I look forward to who he chooses to use as a replacement.

    It is a really good game.
  • Cool, I haven't had a PC death yet strangely. I'm hoping to have one in the campaign I've just started though - it's an epic War of the Rings style fantasy game, power level 40, and the ultimate stakes are literally the fate of the world and each PC's individual race. If anyone does die they're going to find themselves in Valhalla to see if they can persuade the gods to send them back down to earth to resume the fight, Gandalf the White-style.
  • Nice. I like the concept. We've had a PC shapeshifter lose a Spotlight escalation-and-do-over, and his result was to be trapped forever in dire wolf form. The results have been pretty cool, and he has been really great with it.

    We're floating an idea to our dead PC player. In this world, sorcerers routinely summon and bind ghosts, a frequent enough practice that an entire custom has grown around protecting one's dead from necromantic enslavement. You have to have the head to summon the ghost, so heads are often buried separately. Burial in consecrated ground protects, but if that ground is defiled, there's a window for enterprising necromancers. Particularly in light of competing Italian merchant houses and city-states, capturing or securing ghosts for useful intelligence is a paramount concern.

    Anyway, the PC's skull location is known, so we're suggesting the player could have the PC sorcerer summon him back and bind his ghost to a mechanical clockwork body that houses his skull. Could be done without command strings so that the PC becomes a free agent. We're still waiting to see what he wants to do.
  • How'd you handle shapeshifting? Just a Trademark with the alternate form's abilities underneath?
  • I don't know how Hexabolic dealt with shapeshifting, but I can show you a Shapeshifter template I worked up a while back. I think if you have one particular form you change into (like a werewolf, say) the template should just represent that. But if you can change into a whole bunch of stuff then IMO the best way is to have fairly broad abilities that can be creatively applied to different situations. Like so:


    General Abilities:
    Act Convincingly
    Chameleonic Skin
    Change Features
    Change Species
    Liquify Body
    Mimic Individual
    Mimic Object
    Weaponise Body

    Personality Traits:
    Social Chameleon

    [to authorities]
    [to current target]
    [to secret shapeshifter colony]
    [to underworld]

    Cannot Maintain Shape for Long

  • Yep, I just handed the werewolf player an additional template. The flaw was not being able to change back to human form, though a forest spirit gifted his wolf form with the ability of speech so we didn't get stuck in Lassie Land. So far it's worked fine, and his Inhumanly Keen Senses have proven useful in tandem with his alchemical knowledge, for sniffing out poison if nothing else.
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