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An exchange between Tim Harper and Nenad Ristic kinda sparked an idea on G+ that I want to take further. I'll start a blog where each post contains one or more pregenerated characters for various games or links to the same, tagged with the appropriate system name and other data.

Does such a thing already exist? Who is willing to contribute?

Many (indie) games don't really need pregens because characters are either already done or make in a couple minutes so there's no need for that, but there could be merit even in posting those.



  • Of course there can be merit in posting those. Gives people an idea what can be done with that game and how to use those few minutes creatively.
  • Check out PlaGMaDa for the folks who are doing this with the physical pages.
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    @Teataine: this an XLNT! idea, and one I've frequently toyed with myself, but ultimately shied away from because of the time investment. Of course, from that point of view it makes sense to do it as a community project, one that is now eminently possible, what with there being on the Internet a multiplicity of websites, blogs and forums like this one.

    It's still a huge task though, and would work best IMO if one person was willing to take on the job of collating them, and in the meantime other folks contributing examples that they've spotted here and there.

    @Evan, I'll check out PlaGMaDa- it seems like they're doing just what I describe above.

    I'll try to come up with some examples over the next few days and stick them either here or on my blog, but a related idea has just struck me: how would it be if, when designing games, especially indie ones I guess rather than the big behemoths, a writer said 'Please feel to use this character in other games'? I'm imagining that working on a similar basis to CC licences but on a smaller scale.

    Of course lots of people already 'borrow' characters from other games, perhaps with a bit of re-stitching, but I think that doing this in an officially sanctioned way could form part of the project that the OP is suggesting. Just a thought.
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