Miss Trichotomy, running down the rabbit hole.

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Ever see a phrase and totally go off on your own mental tangent? "/Miss trichotomy" did it for me.

I started with a superhero character, a girl that could create two more copies of herself. But, these were not your normal clones. One comes from an alternate future, and the other from an alternate past. And, these alternate selves were not always the same either. I've spent the last hour with this character going through dialog with herselves, various alternate looks and personalities, costumes and even subtle variations in powers and skills. Some girls had tattoos, strange clothes, or even major body alteration like cybernetics. Once, Miss Past showed up pregnant, boy howdy, did Miss Present and Mrs Future giver her an earful!

I was surprised how much I got sucked into (and enjoyed) character creation just for the fun of character creation.

Anybody run into a tangent like that recently where a stray thought took on a life of its own?

[I figured the Snadbox is the appropriate category for this kind of litter.] :-)


  • The Snadbox is a box full of snads. A special box. What is a snad, you ask? Well, just open the box!
  • I read that as Miss Tracheotomy and wondered what her superpower was. Does she have one of those electrolarynxes, allowing her to mimic anyone's voice? Has her voice escaped and roams free in the world, unattached to her body?
  • A snad means I really should use a browser with a spell checker built in. :-)
  • But, these were not your normal clones.
    Wait, people have clones by default? Is this a society where there are three copies of every individual? What does this mean for business, popular culture, and team sports???

  • One clone for work, one for pleasure, and one for the War. The endless War. That started when someone just *had* to open that box of snads.
  • There is something right and ironic in that my tangent has taken several tangents. :-)
  • I imagine Miss Trichotomy running towards that little door, trying to get in as the snads nip at her heels.
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